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This Category Shows Upgraded Turbo Rebuild Kits that We have Avaliable

Borg Warner S475 Turbo Rebuild Kit

Borg Warner S475 Turbo Rebuild Kit Instructions

Here is a Video Tutorial to Show You How to Rebuild Your Borg Warner S400 Series Turbo.

You Can Buy Our S400 Rebuild Kit Here.


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BMW 135i 535i 335i Turbo Wastegate Rattle Repair Fix

BMW 135i 335i 535i Turbo Wastegate Rattle Repair Fix 

BMW 135i Wastegate Rattle Repair BMW Wastegate Rattle Repair BMW 335i Wastegate Repair bmw 535i Wastegate Rattle Fix

BMW N54 135i 335i 535i Wastegate Rattle Repair

  • 2007 + 135i 335i 535i Wastegate Rattle Repair Parts
  • Includes Repair Parts for 2 Turbine Housings:
  • 2 Flapper Arms
  • 2 Flapper Bushings
  • 2 Flapper Tabs
  • Fix Wastegate Wear, Which Causes Lose of Power and Loss of Boost
  • Fixes Common Wastegate Rattle
  • Welding Flapper Tab On Arm Required
  • I also offer the Repair Service
  • Please Watch My Video On The Tutorial to install These Parts. (I still have to make the video because im waiting on 2 turbine housing to come in for repair)
  • Expect video in a few days around 1/1/16
  • Learn How To Rebuild BMW 135i 335i 535i Turbos Here

BMW 135i 535i 335i Wastegate Rattle Repair Fix DIY

VW MK4 GTI Jetta Beetle 1.8T KO4 K04 Turbo Upgrade

VW MK4 GTI Jetta Beetle 1.8T KO4 K04 Turbo Upgrade

  • 42 x 56 KO4 K04 Compressor Wheel Upgrade
  • 44.5 x 50 KO4 K04 Turbine Wheel Upgrade
  • KO4 K04 Upgraded Turbo Rebuild Kit
  • Compressor Housing Machining
  • Compressor Plate Machining
  • Turbine Housing Machining
  • Contact Us for This Service

Turbo Upgrade for:

  • VW Jetta 1.8T Turbo Upgrade (not 2.0t, Though a larger upgrade can be offered)
  • VW GTI MK4 1.8T Turbo Upgrade
  • VW Beetle 1.8T Turbo Upgrade
  • Jetta GLI 1.8t

This Turbo Upgrade is an Option for other KO3 KO4 Turbos Such As :

(however we offer a Larger Upgrade for the Turbos Below)(50mm x 62 x 65 5 blade billet compressor wheel and 44.5 x 50 9 blade K04 Turbine Wheel)

  • Pontiac Solitice / Saturn Sky
  • VW Passatt, Audi A4, Audi S4
  • Cobalt SS
  • Mazda Speed 3
  • Mazda CX-7
  • and More!

This is Not an Upgrade for Turbo Diesel.


Toyota Supra Land Cruiser CT26 Turbo Rebuild Kit

toyota ct26 turbo rebuild kit 2 We Sell Toyota Supra Land Cruiser CT26 Turbo Rebuild Kit

  • 360 degree Thrust Bearing
  • Fits Toyota Land Crusier and Supra
  • Upgraded CT26 Turbo Rebuild Kit
  • 6.5mm shaft bore



We Sell this Kit on Amazon Here:



Turbo Rebuild Kits

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If We Dont have the Turbo Rebuild kits that your are looking for, then contact us at

We supply turbo rebuild kits for:

T2 T22 T25 T28 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo Rebuild Kit

Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo Rebuild kit

We offer 360 Degree Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo Rebuild Kits. Our T2 Rebuild Kit fits The Z32 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo 1989 to 2000.  This kit also fits:

  • 300zx z32 T22
  • SR20DET T25 T28
  • DSM 95 to 99 Eclipse GST T25
  • Nissan Silvia S14 S15 T25 T28
  • FP T28


Nissan 300zx twin turbo rebuild kit





Garrett GT1544v Repair Kit

Garrett GT15 Turbo Rebuild Kit

Garrett GT1544v Turbo Rebuild Kit Details:





 Garrett GT15 GT17 GT22 GT25 Turbo Rebuild Kit 

  • 360 Degree Machined from Copper Bar Thrust Bearing
  • Stationary Journal Bearing
  • (5) Turbine Housing Bolts
  • (4) Compressor Plate to Bearing Housing Bolts
  • (6) Compressor Housing Bolts
  • (2) Bearing Retaining Clips
  • (2) Front Piston Ring Seals (2 Different types for different models)
  • (1) Rear Piston Ring Seal (same for all models)
  • (4) Compressor Housing Orings (4 different Models)
  • (1) Compressor Plate O-ring
  • (3) Thrust Collars (Different Collars for Different model turbos)
  • (1) Thrust Washer

Garrett GT1544v Rebuild Kit

This Rebuild Kit Includes all of the necessary Parts to Rebuild any of the GT15 GT17 GT18 GT20 GT22 GT25  Turbochargers!
Garrett GT15 Turbo Rebuild Kit
Garrett GT1544V Turbo Rebuild Kit
Garrett GT1749V Turbo Rebuild kit
Garrett GT1849V Turbo Rebuild Kit
Garrett GT2056V Turbo Rebuild Kit
Garrett GT2052V Turbo Rebuild Kit
Garrett GT2554V Turbo Rebuild Kit
GT1544v Repair Kit
GT1749V Repair Kit
GT1849V Repair Kit
GT1852V Repair Kit
GT2056 Repair Kit
GT2052 Repair Kit
GT2256 Repair Kit
GT2260 Repair Kit
GT2556 Repair Kit
GT2560 Repair Kit
Fits These Cars (but not limited To)
Passat 1.9 TDI
Jetta TDI Turbo Rebuild Kit
Jeep Liberty Turbo Diesel
Mercedes Benz Turbo Diesel
Saab Turbo Diesel

DSM 14b 16g Turbo Rebuild Kit

DSM 16g turbo rebuild kitWe sell DSM 14b 16g Turbo Rebuild Kits.

Note: If You are Rebuild a 14b, Leave Us a Message in When You Check Out with Us on Ebay, so We can Include the 14b Thrust Collar.

This Turbo Rebuild kit fits:

  • 16g 18g 20g
  • FP 68 HTA, FP 71 HTA, FP 73 HTA, FP Green, FP Red, FP Black,
  • Evo X Turbo, MAP Evo X Turbo, FP Evo X Turbo
  • Evo 1 – 3 16g, Small 16g, Big 16g, Evo 3 16g
  • DSM 14b (tell us You need the Thrust Collar)
  • Hahn Racecraft 16g and 20g TurboChargers
  • Do Not Use on Evo 4, Evo 5, Evo 6, Evo 7, Evo 8, Evo 9, Turbochargers, Thrust Bearings are Directional

This is the Highest Quality Rebuild Kit available for the MHI Turbos. You can Purchase This Kit Here:

DSM 16g turbo Rebuild Kit

Forced Performance FP Red Turbo Rebuild Kit

FP Red Turbo Rebuild KitWe Offer Turbo Rebuild Kits for FP Red, Green, Black, 73 HTA, 71 HTA, 68 HTA Turbochargers. 

We Offer 2 Separate Rebuild Kits.

  • Evo 1-3 and Evo X
  • Evo 4-9



If You Need to Purchase a Turbo Rebuild Kit for an FP Turbo for a DSM, Evo 1-3 or Evo X. You Can Purchase Here:

FP Red turbo rebuild kit


If You Need to Purchase a Turbo Rebuild Kit for an FP Turbo for Evo 4 – 9. You Can Purchase Here:

Forced Performance Red turbo rebuild kit


Why Use Our Rebuild Kits?

Have You Noticed In and Out Shaft Play with Your FP and MAP Turbochargers?  I Have Seen Steel Thrust Bearings in these Turbos In the Past. Steel is not a Good Bearing Material, and the Steel Bearing Requires Zinc Rich Oil. But Even if You Use the Special Oil, You can Still Have Failures. The Steel on Steel Contact Builds Up Excessive Heat in the Cartridge, Causing the Oil to Dry Up, Which Causes the Thrust Bearing to Fail.

FP Says On their Website, that the Warranty is Void if you Push Their FP Black Over 28 PSI. With Our 100% Copper Bar Thrust Bearings, We Have People Pushing 34 PSI Daily Driven with a Turbo Lab 60mm Evo 9 Turbo, Making over 600 HP, Without Problems.  Copper Bar Dissipates Heat and is Standard Material In OEM Turbochargers.


Best Place to Buy Turbo Parts

where to buy turbo partsWhere is the Best Place to Buy Turbo Parts? Our Companies Goal is to be the “Go To” Place Where to Buy Turbo Parts. Our Greatest Intention is to Serve You!

We Sell Our Part on Amazon and Ebay and also On Square. Browse Our Ebay Store Here.

Search Our Blog Posts With The Search Feature, If You Cant Find the Part that You are Looking for Then Contact Us Here.

Why I think We are the Best Place to Buy Turbo Parts From:

  • Our Parts We Build For Race Use (We offer Upgraded Parts When OEM Parts are Not Durable Enough for High Boost Applications)
  • We Have a Large Selection of Products on Hand
  • If We Can’t Find What You are Looking for, We Can Have the Part Made
  • From Marine, To Road Tractors, to Motorcycles, To Lawnmowers, we Do it All!
  • Reasonable Competitive Costs

Some of The Rare Hard to Find Turbo Parts that We Supply Customers:

  • 1972 Mack Maxidyne Cartridge
  • Holset H2DM Marine Cartridge
  • Upgraded H1E H1C Kits that Prevent Failure
  • Copper Bar Dual Oil Port MHI Rebuild Kits
  • Triple Oil Port 360 Degree KO4 Rebuild Kits
  • Borg Warner S300 360 Degree Turbo Rebuild Kits
  • GT4202R Replacement Turbine Shaft
  • GT35r GT28r Ceramic Dual Ball Bearing Rebuild Kits With Heatshields
  • Ball Bearing Cartridge Replacements
  • Big Shaft Turbo Rebuild Kits
  • and More!!

best place to buy turbo parts