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Learn why it is so important to have to proper thrust bearing hardware in your turbocharger to pro long the life of your turbo charger.

Forced Performance FP Red Turbo Rebuild Kit

FP Red Turbo Rebuild KitWe Offer Turbo Rebuild Kits for FP Red, Green, Black, 73 HTA, 71 HTA, 68 HTA Turbochargers. 

We Offer 2 Separate Rebuild Kits.

  • Evo 1-3 and Evo X
  • Evo 4-9



If You Need to Purchase a Turbo Rebuild Kit for an FP Turbo for a DSM, Evo 1-3 or Evo X. You Can Purchase Here:

FP Red turbo rebuild kit


If You Need to Purchase a Turbo Rebuild Kit for an FP Turbo for Evo 4 – 9. You Can Purchase Here:

Forced Performance Red turbo rebuild kit


Why Use Our Rebuild Kits?

Have You Noticed In and Out Shaft Play with Your FP and MAP Turbochargers?  I Have Seen Steel Thrust Bearings in these Turbos In the Past. Steel is not a Good Bearing Material, and the Steel Bearing Requires Zinc Rich Oil. But Even if You Use the Special Oil, You can Still Have Failures. The Steel on Steel Contact Builds Up Excessive Heat in the Cartridge, Causing the Oil to Dry Up, Which Causes the Thrust Bearing to Fail.

FP Says On their Website, that the Warranty is Void if you Push Their FP Black Over 28 PSI. With Our 100% Copper Bar Thrust Bearings, We Have People Pushing 34 PSI Daily Driven with a Turbo Lab 60mm Evo 9 Turbo, Making over 600 HP, Without Problems.  Copper Bar Dissipates Heat and is Standard Material In OEM Turbochargers.


FP MAP EVO 10 EVO X Turbo Rebuild Kit

evo X Turbo rebuild kitBuy EVO X Turbo Rebuild Kit for Factory EVO X and Upgraded Turbochargers!


  • EVO X MAP Upgraded Turbo
  • EVO X FP Turbo
  • Other EVO X 16g Upgraded Turbochargers




This kit includes:

  • 1 upgraded Machined From Copper Bar Dual Oil Port Thrust Bearing
  • 1 18mm thrust collar
  • 1 18mm thrust spacer (factory is 14mm)
  • 2 journal bearings
  • 1 front seal
  • 1 rear seal
  • oring for compressor housing
  • oring for inside the turbo
  • 2 bearing retaining clips
  • 1 stainless steel rear heat shield
  • 1 c-clip to hold in the front plate.
  • 1 oil return gasket
  • 1 Compressor Nut
  • 1 Oil Deflector
  • Free Shipping in the United States
  • watch our video on rebuilding the turbo. It contains important information for the thrust collar modification



EVO 10 EVO X Turbo Rebuild Kit

Holset HY35 HX35 HX40 HE341 HE351 Turbo Rebuild Kit

HX35 HX40 HE341 HE351 Turbo Rebuild KitWe Now Have For Sale Holset HY35 HX35 HX40 HE341 HE351 Turbo Rebuild Kits!







Here are the Details on the Rebuild Kits that We Offer: 

  • For Genuine Holset
  • Includes Heat Shield
  • Machined From Copper Bar Thrust Bearing
  • Includes Compressor Housing O-ring (Must Machine Bearing Housing)
  • Fits Holset HX35 HX35W HX40 HX40W HE341 HE351 HY35
  • Not for VGT Turbos Such As HE351VE or HY40V

Parts Included:

  • Front Seal Plate
  • C-clip for Front Seal Plate
  • O-ring For Compressor Housing (Bearing Housing Must Be Machined)
  • O-ring For Front Seal Plate
  • Oil Deflector
  • Thrust Collar and Spacer
  • Front Piston Ring Seal
  • Rear Piston Ring Seal
  • 4 Bearing Cage C-clips
  • Exhaust Housing Retaining Plates
  • 4 Bolts for Turbine Housing
  • OIl Feed Gasket
  • OIl Return Gasket
  • Machined From Copper Bar Thrust Bearing
  • Journal Bearingsbuynow

Why Buy Our Rebuild Kit?

  • We Provide a Machined From Copper Bar Thrust Bearing, Other People Provide Powder Bearings
  • We Provide the Heat shield Other Companies Do Not
  • We Provide a Compressor Housing O-ring Other Companies Do Not
  • We Have Competitive Pricing!

The Biggest Problem With Buying Aftermarket Holset Kits Is that The Oil Feed Holes in the Thrust Bearing Are Not The Same Size as the Genuine Holset Rebuild Kits! We Provide The Solution, Buy Our OEM Kits and Save Yourself the Trouble of Having a Thrust Bearing Failure!

hx35w Turbo Rebuild Kit

Watch This Video To Learn How To Rebuild Your Holset Turbo!

MHI 14B 16g 20g Turbo Rebuild Kit

FP MAP Tomica Racing turbo rebuild kitMHI 14B 16g 20g Turbo Rebuild Kit Fits:

  • Evo X Turbos
  • MHI Genuine 14b,16g, 18g, 20g, FP Green, Red, Black MAP, Tomica Racing, Blouch, Turbos
  • NOT for Evo 4-9 Turbos, (Visit Here for Evo 4-9 Turbo Rebuild kit)
  • Subaru MHI 16g and Upgraded Turbos
  • Hahn Racecraft Turbos
  • Tomei Turbo

This is an Upgraded Rebuild Kit that is Needed for Running Higher Boost Levels. We Have Customers running 34 PSI on This Rebuild Kit  with the Largest Frame Turbo and Making Over 600 HP and Holding Strong!! Here Is Our Amazon Listing If You Need to Purchase:

Here are the Details of what Our Rebuild Kit Includes:

  • 1 upgraded thrust bearing
  • 1 18mm thrust collar
  • 1 18mm thrust spacer (factory is 14mm)
  • 2 journal bearings
  • 1 front seal
  • 1 rear seal
  • oring for compressor housing
  • oring for inside the turbo
  • 2 bearing retaining clips
  • 1 stainless steel rear heat shield
  • 1 c-clip to hold in the front plate.
  • 1 oil return gasket
  • 1 bolt and nut for the vband clamp
  • 1 compressor nut
  • 1 oil deflector


NOTE: This Rebuild Kit is for Standard Rotation Only (Evo 1 -3 Evo X Turbos). This Kit is not for Evo4 – 9 Turbos Because They Use a Reverse Rotation Thrust Bearing. We also Sell the Evo 4-9 Rebuild Kit Here!



TDO4, TDO4H, TDO4L, TDO4HL, Turbo Rebuild kit

This is an upgrade turbo rebuild kit for Volvo, Hyundai, saab, MHI rallyart, 89-94 auto DSM, Subaru WRX.

Buy TDO4 Turbo Rebuild Kit. (TDO4, TDO4H, TDO4L, TDO4HL)

Click Link To Purchase TDO4 Turbo Rebuild Kit:

TDO4 Turbo Rebuild Kit

Learn Why You Need This Turbo Rebuild Kit if You are Rebuilding a TDO4 Turbo. This Kit is Critical to Have if you are Planning on Running Higher Boost on Your TDO4 Turbocharger! If you like our work, feel free to join our facebook page and group. If you need Parts for Your Turbo Build we also Sell Everything to Build New Turbo Chargers. We Also Sell KTS billet wheels.Community:

Business page:



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Common Vehicles That Use This Rebuild Kit

88-94 DSM (Automatic transmission) Eclipse,Talon, Plymouth laser turbo rebuild kit
Hyundai Genensis TDO4 Turbo
Sabb TDO4 Turbo
Volvo TDO4, TDO4HL Turbo Upgrade
Acura RDX Turbo Upgrade
3000 GT Turbo Rebuild Kit
Subaru 13T TDO4L WRX Turbo
Dodge Stealth Turbo Rebuild Kit
EVO X Lancer Ralliart 15T

NOTE: Thrust bearing Not for TDO4LR (srt4) Reverse

If You Need Help Rebuilding Your Turbo Please Watch Our Videos on How to Rebuild You Specific Turbocharger!  If you Would Like Our Services, Please Contact Us Here.

Precision Turbo thrust bearing failures


Pte thrust bearing failure

Pte thrust bearing failure

We are seeing more and more thrust bearing failures on PTE turbos. Even though PTE uses the same rebuild kits as TO4E garrett, Comp Turbos, and some turbonetics, they are failing because pte is using a steel thrust bearing.  The steel is stronger but it doesn’t not dissipate the heat as well as the brass.  All turbo manufactures that make turbochargers trucking companies, automotive manufactures, machinery, etc use brass thrust bearings.  Some aftermarket kits use steel thrust bearings, but we highly recommend not using them.  The result of the failure is that turbine shaft welds itself to the thrust collar because so much heat is generated do to the metal thrust bearing.  Changing out the metal thrust bearing with a brass one will prevent these failures. The failure usually happens within 2,000 miles of use. The metal thrust bearings are very sensitive if they are not oiled properly, with the correct oil weigh and oil pressure. I recommend changing out the metal thrust bearing with a brass bearing, mainly because the brass bearing removes heat better and will prevent the turbine shaft from fusing itself to the thrust collar.

Our recommended 360 degree brass thrust bearing for garrett, PTE, Comp, and turbonetics to4e turbos.

Our recommended 360 degree brass thrust bearing for garrett, PTE, Comp, and turbonetics to4e turbos.


What happens is the heavy rotating assembly pulls on the rotating assembly and loads the thrust system. The higher the boost level, the higher the thrust load. The friction from the steel-on-steel thrust system causes heat to build rapidly when the improper oil is used, and the result is the thrust washer (which is the thinnest part of the entire thrust system) overheats and explodes causing the failure.  The use of a steel thrust plate is not necessary though I have seen that Force Performance had used some steel thrust bearings in the past as well.  From what I could tell from the turbos i received for rebuild, fp used started out with brass thrust bearings, then changed to steel bearings, and then changed back to brass thrust bearings.  The steel bearings are causing more failures when they were meant to help with durability. As the old saying goes “If its not broke don’t fix it.” You don’t need to use a steel thrust plate on a turbo with a thrust system that is well-designed in order to gain necessary durablilty, proven by BW, Holset, Mitsubishi, and Garrett.  However it is necessary to use a 360 degree thrust bearing for performance applications.   It is also very important to use and upgraded thrust bearing kit for the mitsubishi turbo chargers that are using an upgraded rotating assembly. The upgraded thrust bearing kits come with a thicker thrust collar, thrust spacer, and 2 oil ports on the thrust bearing for maximum strength. We have had no failures from manufacture defects from the parts that we use in our turbos.  We highly recommend people that want to build their own turbos to buy the correct kits from us, so you know you will have the reliability and strength of a Turbo Lab built turbo. You can order the proper rebuild kit here:

Garret TO4E 360 degree rebuild kit P/N 408105-5285 on Square Market

Steel thrustbearing from an fp green

Steel thrustbearing from an fp green

MHI upgraded thrust bearing  with thicker thrust spacer

MHI upgraded thrust bearing with thicker thrust spacer

       Another cause of thrust bearing failures is contaminates clogging up the thrust bearing oil feed hole(s), but that is never a manufacture defect. Most of the time contaminates clogging up the oil feed holes is user error from the oil not being changed on a regular basis or the own put on a dirty junk yard part that has engine oil that passes through it and carries the dirt through the whole engine including the turbo.
More info on Garrett turbos can be found at here
We Also offer a Standard rotation rebuild kit for MHI turbos here:

MHI 16g, 20g, FP turbo rebuild kit on Square Market

We offer a Reverse rotation rebuild kit here:
Evo9 turbo rebuild kit reverse rotation on Square Market