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Billet Compressor Wheel vs Cast

Is the Billet Compressor Wheel vs the Cast Compressor Wheel Worth It.  The Billet Compressor Wheel is Usually Over 100 Dollars More than the Cast Compressor wheel, Which Leads You to the Question, is the Billet Compressor Wheel Worth It or is Your Money Best Spent Somewhere Else? I Made This Video To Help You Make an Educated Decision.

Some Billet Compressor Wheels Weigh Less than the Cast compressor Wheels and Some Billet Wheels Weigh More than the Cast Compressor Wheels. I Would not Make a Decision Based on the Weight Alone. I Would Chose Based on Usable Surface Area that the Blades Can Use the Capture More Air.  In this Video I also Demonstrate an Example of a Billet Compressor Wheel that I Didnt Think Was Worth It. The Main Advantage Of Billet Compressor Wheels vs Cast is:

  1. Lighter Weight (some cases it is heavier)
  2. More Room for Air Flow
  3. More Durability (Cast Wheels can Have Air Pockets Creating Weak Spots, But Billet Wheels are machined for Solid aluminum)

If You Would Like the Take a Look at Our Billet Wheels Available, You can Find Them On Our Ebay Store Here.

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99-03 Ford GTP38 7.3 Powerstroke Turbo Rebuild

99-03 Ford GTP38 7.3 Powerstroke Turbo Rebuild 


  • Thrust Collar and Spacer, and Piston Ring Seals are the same as Garrett To4E
  • Journal bearings are the same measurement as To4E
  • 94-97 and 97-03 have different bearing Housing Oring, but Both are Included in the Rebuild Kit
  • This Video can also be used as a Guide To Rebuild the 94-97 Turbo
  • 7.3 Powerstroke compressor housing + billet compressor wheel
  • 7.3 67mm x 88mm billet wheel only (machining for stock housing required) 



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Garrett GTX3076R Compressor Wheel + Housing

Garrett GTX3076R Compressor Wheel + Housing

GTX3076r compressor housing and wheel

Here is a Great Upgrade for GT3071R (must machine Bearing housing) or GT3076R (no machining Require)

  • GTX3076R Compressor Housing + Billet GTX3076R Compressor Wheel
  • 58mm x 76mm x 80.49mm
  • 600+HP Capable (Depends on Turbine Housing Size) .63 .82 1.06 a/r
  • Easy Upgrade for GT3071r to GT3076r turbochargers
  • Upgrade To GT3071r is 53.11 x 71 and gt3076r is 57 x 76
  • Balancing Cartridge Recommended