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What Size External Wastegate Spring to Use

Learn What Size External Wastegate Spring to Use With Your Turbo Setup:

what size external wastegate to use.

The Spring Pressure that you Should use is Based on The Boost Level that you plan to Run. The Pressure of your Wastegate Spring should Be Half of the Boost Level that You want to Run.  If You want to Run 30 PSI, You need a 15 PSI Base Pressure Spring.  The Base PSI Spring is the Lowest PSI That You can Run on Your TurboCharger, The Boost Can Be Increase with a Boost Controller but only up to Double the PSI of the Wastegate Spring Pressure.

If You try to Boost More than Double the PSI of your Wastegate Spring, the Boost PSI will Fall off to a Lower PSI, The Reason Why is Because the Higher Pressure of the Engine At Higher RPM will force Open the Wastegate Valve, if the Base Spring PSI is too low. This is the Reason Why you Cannot use a Base Pressure 8 PSI Spring Cannot be used with a Boost Controller to run over 16 psi at Redline.

Usually If you have an 8 PSI Base Pressure Spring and you have the Boost Controller set to 20 PSI, You will Reach Your Target Boost at 20 psi Around 3500 rpm, Then Between 5,500 rpm to Redline, the PSI will Lower to 16 psi. If This is Happening to You, and you Want to run Higher Boost Levels you Need a Higher PSI Spring.

The Downside to Running To High of a PSI Spring is that the Base Pressure of the Spring is the Lowest PSI that You can Run. The Boost Level Cannot be Adjusted less than the Base PSI Spring, The Boost Controller is only Designed to Increase the Boost Pressure. Here You can see What Boost Controller We Recommend.

If You have an Issue of Boosting To High of Boost Levels (Boost Creep), Then You need to Make Sure You have the Right Size External Wastgate, Which You Can Find Here.

Below You can Find Search For Higher PSI Springs to Fit Your Needs.