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Holset HX35 Turbine Housing Machining

Holset HX35 Turbine Housing Machining

At Turbo Lab we can Machine your HX35, H1C, or HX40 Turbine Housing to a larger Turbine Wheel. The Factory HX35 Turbine Wheel is 60mm x 70mm, and the Turbine Housing can be Machined to the HX40 64mm x 76mm and the HX40 67 mm x 76mm Turbine Wheel. Machining Your Turbine Housing for the Larger Turbine Wheel, will Help Lower EGTs, and Drive Pressure Significantly.

You Should Upgrade Your Turbine Wheel or Turbine Housing Size If you have Already Machined Your compressor Housing for an Hx40 60 x 86 Compressor Wheel or Larger. You need to use a Turbine Wheel in Sink with the Compressor Wheels Flow or close. The closer and Flow Rates the Compressor and Turbine Wheel are to each other the more Efficient your Turbo will be and the Faster It will Spool. If you use a 67 x 89 x 95 Billet Compressor Wheel then you Should use a 67mm x 76mm Turbine Wheel. If You use a 64mm x 76mm Turbine, You can Compensate by using a Larger Turbine Housing.

If You need us to Machine your HX35, H1C, or HX40 Turbine Housings, We can do that for You and we have all of our Programs on CNC.  You can Contact Us Here.

Holset HX35 Exhaust Housing (Turbine Housing)

Holset HX35 Exhaust Housing

Holset HX35 Exhaust Housing

  • T3 .82 a/r Holset HX35 Turbine housing
  • Compact and Light Weight (<10 lbs)
  • 500 Hp Capable (600 HP capable if Machined to HX40 Series)
  • Cast Iron
  • Includes Stainless Steel Vband Clamp and Downpipe Flange
  • Fits Holset H1C
  • Machined for HX35 H1C 60mm x 70mm Turbine Wheel
  • Excellent Upgrade for Aftermarket Application
  • Lareger Than BEP .70 a/r (Better Casting and Better Machining)

Holset HX35 Turbine Housing

For The Dodge Cummins We Also Machine the HX35 Turbine Housing for The 64mm x 76mm and 67mm x 76mm HX40 Turbine Wheels.


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Holset HX35 Compressor Wheel

Holset HX35 Compressor Wheel

Holset Hx35 compressor wheel

  •  54mm x 78 mm 7 blade Hx35 Compressor Wheel
  • Fits HX35, HX35W, HY35, some HE341(some have 54 X 78 cw and some 56 x78 7 blade)
  • Balanced and Ready To Install
  • Does Not Fit as replacement for Hx35 8 blade 56 X 82
  • Does not Fit HE341 56 X 78 7 blade

Hx35 compressor Wheel