HX40 67mm Billet Wheel And Compressor Housing

Here is a Holset HX40 67mm Billet Wheel and Compressor Housing:



  • 67mm x 89mm x 95mm Billet (Wicked Wheel) Compressor Wheel
  • Compressor Wheel 7mm Larger, But Weight 2 Grams Less than Stock!
  • Recommend Using 67mm x 76mm 10 Blade Turbine Shaft (Machining Required)
  • Good for 900 + Hp
  • Recommend Machined Bearing Housing for Compressor Wheel and Oring (Contact Us for Service)
  • Customers Report: This Compressor Wheel Upgrade Spool Up Relatively Close to Stock With The 67 x 76 10 Blade Turbine Wheel
  • Upgrade for HX35 HX40
  • Feel Free To Contact Us for a Complete Turbo Build, Or Buy the Parts to Build it Yourself!

20151016_143750HX40 Billet Wheel vis Cast Wheel


HX40 67mm Billet Wheel and Compressor Housing

Buy HX40 67mm x 89 x 95 Billet Wheel and Housing




4 thoughts on “HX40 67mm Billet Wheel And Compressor Housing

    1. Austin Post author

      We usually build them with the 67 x 89 x 95 compressor and 67 x 76 turbine. The results on the HE351 and HE341 are really good. Customers i talk to tell me the spool is like the stock turbo but it has a lot more power. Keep in mind this compressor housing and wheel is for the HX series though. For the HX series there are a lot more options with turbine housings 12cm, 14cm, 16cm, 18cm, then if you go t4 there is a 22 cm and 26 cm.

      I dont know the results on the HX platform so well for the dodge truck, we usually build them in the HE platform. We build a lot of the 67mm setups for Turbo charged cars though. We did Build a 67mm for an 8.3 Liter cummins for a motorhome, that turbo is a much better match for that size engine, the owner said it worked out really well. Of course he isn’t take a motorhome to the dyno.

  1. Lauren

    I would like to place an order for a 67mm holset in a t4 twin scroll vband housing. Can you guys make that happen? Send an email response and then around and payment details.

    PayPal ready

    1. Austin Post author

      I dont have a turbine housing like that on hand. I need a t4 .84 or 1.15 twin scroll for a ptrim turbine, but they are hard to find sometimes. other than that I could build the whole turbo, the cost would be 750$.


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