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HX40 67mm Billet Wheel And Compressor Housing

Here is a Holset HX40 67mm Billet Wheel and Compressor Housing:



  • 67mm x 89mm x 95mm Billet (Wicked Wheel) Compressor Wheel
  • Compressor Wheel 7mm Larger, But Weight 2 Grams Less than Stock!
  • Recommend Using 67mm x 76mm 10 Blade Turbine Shaft (Machining Required)
  • Good for 900 + Hp
  • Recommend Machined Bearing Housing for Compressor Wheel and Oring (Contact Us for Service)
  • Customers Report: This Compressor Wheel Upgrade Spool Up Relatively Close to Stock With The 67 x 76 10 Blade Turbine Wheel
  • Upgrade for HX35 HX40
  • Feel Free To Contact Us for a Complete Turbo Build, Or Buy the Parts to Build it Yourself!

20151016_143750HX40 Billet Wheel vis Cast Wheel


HX40 67mm Billet Wheel and Compressor Housing

Buy HX40 67mm x 89 x 95 Billet Wheel and Housing