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HX40 67mm Billet Wheel And Compressor Housing

Here is a Holset HX40 67mm Billet Wheel and Compressor Housing:



  • 67mm x 89mm x 95mm Billet (Wicked Wheel) Compressor Wheel
  • Compressor Wheel 7mm Larger, But Weight 2 Grams Less than Stock!
  • Recommend Using 67mm x 76mm 10 Blade Turbine Shaft (Machining Required)
  • Good for 900 + Hp
  • Recommend Machined Bearing Housing for Compressor Wheel and Oring (Contact Us for Service)
  • Customers Report: This Compressor Wheel Upgrade Spool Up Relatively Close to Stock With The 67 x 76 10 Blade Turbine Wheel
  • Upgrade for HX35 HX40
  • Feel Free To Contact Us for a Complete Turbo Build, Or Buy the Parts to Build it Yourself!

20151016_143750HX40 Billet Wheel vis Cast Wheel


HX40 67mm Billet Wheel and Compressor Housing

Buy HX40 67mm x 89 x 95 Billet Wheel and Housing


Holset H1C H1E Turbo Rebuild Kit


The Solution To Holset H1C/H1E Thrust Bearing Failure is Here!!

This kit uses a Thrust bearing that Mimics the HX35/HX40 thrust bearing, but its machined to allow it to bolt to the H1E/H1C bearing housing. This is the perfect solution to original OEM webbed thrust bearing. This is the best rebuild kit you can buy for the h1e and h1c.  These turbos are known to thrust bearing failure do to the stock thrust bearing only having one oil hole.  This kit includes a HX35/HX40 thrust bearing percisionlly machined to fit the H1E/H1C turbos. The HX35/HX40 thrust bearing has 2 oil holes and thicker thrust collars, which improves protection, and eliminated premature failure of the factory bearing.  The bearing is made flow oil more efficiently and increase the life of the turbo.  This rebuild kit contains

  • 1 upgraded HX35/HX40 dual oil port thrust bearing
  • 1 back plate o ring and 1 compressor plate o ring
  • 4 back plate bolts
  • 4 clips to hold the bearings into place
  • 1 thrust collar
  • 2 brass bearings
  • 1 shaft seal and 1 front seal
  • 1 compressor nut
  • 3 thrust bearing bolts
  • front flinger ( holds the front seal )
  • gaskets for the oil return line 
  • 4 new exhaust bolts
  • 2 new exhaust housing plates
  • We guarantee the highest quality materials at Turbo Lab or we wouldn’t put our name on it!

Holset H1C H1E Turbo Rebuild Kit