Holset HX40 67mm x 89mm Turbo Upgrade

HX40 Turbo UpgradeHere is a Holset HX40 67mm x 89mm Turbo Upgrade That We Offer.


  • 67mm x 89mm x 95mm Billet Compressor Wheel
  • 67mm x 76mm 10 Blade Turbine Shaft
  • Good for 900 + Hp
  • Machined Bearing Housing for Compressor Oring
  • Upgrade for HX35 HX40 HE341 HE351



Holset Turbo Upgrade For:

  • HX40 Turbo Upgrade
  • HX35 Turbo Upgrade
  • HE351 Turbo Upgrade
  • HE341 Turbo Upgrade
  • HE351CW Turbo Upgrade
67mm hx40 10 blade

HX40 67mm x 76mm 10 Blade Turbine.

HX40 67mm x 76mm 10 Blade Turbine Shaft Upgrade.

  • Lighter Weight than the 12 Blade HX40 Turbine
  • Seems To Lose Some Spool Time Over the 12 Blade
  • The 12 Blade 67mm + 67mm Compressor Wheel in HE351 Spools Faster than the Factory turbo due to the Larger Exducer of the Turbine Shaft





We Do The Service for This Turbo But We Also Sell The Parts Here:

NOTES:   This Upgrade Also works for H1E H1C, But the Compressor Plate must be Machined for the HX40 Thrust Collar (easy job). For the Holset HE351VE VGT Turbo, This Upgrade is Possible, But The Turbine Upgrade is limited to a 64 x 70mm Turbine. The Exducer of the VGT Shaft Upgrade is Limited to 70mm Because the VGT Arms Hit the Turbine Shaft of the 76mm exducer.

If You Need or Want Machining Services, We Machine Housings for $100 Each, Contact us at turbolabamerica@gmail.com for more Information. 




7 thoughts on “Holset HX40 67mm x 89mm Turbo Upgrade

  1. Cory merle

    Hello, I have a 1jz and just put on a hx35 that is completely rebuilt. I was curious how much it would cost for the 67mm upgrade. I was also wondering if you have an idea of what hp gain I would have with this upgrade on roughly 20psi vs a stock hx 35 on 20psi. My car is an 88 supra with a r154. I’ve seen many people put down about 400 whp on 20-25 psi on stock 1jzs with an hx35. I would like to be at 700whp on e85 and was curious if this upgrade would support it.

    1. Austin Post author

      You could make close to the 700 hp mark with the 60 x 86 hx40 7 blade. We offer the 60 x 86 or 67 x 89 x 95 upgrade plus the turbine shaft upgrade for 550$, which includes all of the parts and the labor.

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  3. Thomas george

    I would like to get my hx40 upgraded and rebuilt. I’m not too sure if you guys do offer that but if you could direct me to someone who could do that it would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Earl Fonseca

    Hi I have a he351cw on my 2.3t motor and want to know if going up to the bigger wheel will be any better then just a stock rebuild I will be running 30lbs of boost with it and what’s the price difference in a stock rebuild and an up grade price thanks

    1. Austin Post author

      What engine are you using it on, it depends how much hp you want to make. A friend of mine made 580 hp on a gas engine with the factory he351cw.


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