PTE Garrett T3 T4 TO4E TO4B Turbo Rebuild Kit


T3 T4 TO4B TO4S 360 Degree Turbo Rebuild kitHere is The Most Common Turbo Rebuild Kit for Garrett, Comp, PTE, and Turbonetics Turbochargers. This a Garrett T3 T4 TO4E TO4B Turbo Rebuild Kit This Kit is Easily Identified By Measuring the Turbine Shaft Bore. If you have a 6.35mm Shaft Bore Where the Compressor wheel Sits then This is the Correct Kit that You need.

Standard Shaft Bore: 6.35mm, When you Measure your Shaft You Will get Around 6.2mm, This Means That This is the Kit for Your Turbo.

If Your Turbine Shaft Measures 7.93mm Where the Compressor Wheel sits Then Your Turbo Uses a Big Shaft Rebuild Kit Which We Sell Here!

Keep In Mind that it is very Common That Your turbo May have a 270 Degree Thrust Bearing, Don’t Be Alarmed, Because Our 360 Degree Rebuild Kit Drops Directly in Its place. Here is a Comparison Between The 270 and 360 Degree Thrust Bearings: 270 vs 360 Degree Thrust Bearing





Here Are the Details About This Rebuild Kit: 

This is an 360 Degree Upgraded Garrett Turbo Rebuild Kit for a 6.35mm shaft bore TO4E, TO4B, TO4S, TO4R, TO4Z turbo. This Kit Comes with The Compressor Plates for the TO4S TO4B TO4R TO4Z Turbos. (If you need the T04E compressor Plates, Please look for Our Other Listing “Garrett TO4E Turbo Rebuild Kit”)

Details kit includes:

  • 6.35mm shaft/compressor bore
  • Upgraded 360 degree Thrust Bearing With Larger Thrust Spacer and Collar
  • Works in 6.35mm Shaft Bore / Compressor Wheel Bore   Turbonetics, Precision, Garrett Turbos
  • Dual oil port thrust bearing
  • Works with TO4S, TO4E, TO4B, TO4Z, TO4R 6.35mm shaft bore turbos
  • Brass Thrust Bearing Prevents Common PTE’s Steel Thrust Bearing Failures

This rebuild kit works with 6.35mm shaft /compressor bore garrett, precision, and turbonetics turbos. The brass thrust bearing help dispate heat better than the earlier factory steel thrust bearing design.

The kit includes:

  • 6 compressor housing bolts
  • 6 exhaust housing bolts
  • 4 Compressor Plate to Bearing Housing Bolts
  • Compressor Housing Brackets
  • Exhaust Housing Brackets
  • 4 Bearing C-Clips
  • 1 360 Thrust Bearing,
  • 1 Thrust Collar
  • 1 Flinger
  • Front and Rear piston rings,
  • Compressor Housing O-ring Seal
  • Bearing Housing to Compressor Plate O-ring Seal
  • 3 Thrust Bearing Bolts
  • 1 Compressor Nut

Works with Precision (all 6.35mm shaft bore pte turbos)

  • 4854B
  • 4831B
  • 5454E
  • Pte 5431E
  • Pte 6051E
  • 5554E
  • 5531E
  • 5831E
  • 5931E
  • 6176E
  • 6776E
  • 6266
  • 6466

If You Need To Purchase This Rebuild Kit, You can buy it Here:


Garret t3 t4 turbo rebuild kit


**And More! If your Not Sure Measure Your Shaft Bore, If your Still Not Sure Then Ask Us.

If You See That You Turbo Does Not Have Threads to Bolt Down The Thrust Bearing, Do Not worry, This Thrust  Bearing has Holes for the Dowel Pins on the Bearing Housing. If Your turbo Doesn’t Use Screws To Hold the Thrust Bearing Down, It likely Uses This Retaining Ring In the Compressor Plate.  Keep In Mind The Newest PTE Turbos Have the Compressor Plate Designed To Retain the Thrust Bearing Rather than This Ring.to4e to4b thrust bearing retaining ring






Though It is Rare Some PTE Turbos Have Unique Turbine Shaft Which Use Unique Bearings Like In the Picture Below However, We Do Offer a Solution To This Unique Kit. If You Need These Journal Bearings, Email Us at So we can setup a Listing for you. Here are Pictures Of the Unique But Rare PTE Parts:

pte weird journal bearing

PTE Unique Journal Bearing

PTE 5031 Turbine shaft





The Bearings Must go with the Turbine Shaft. However if you Wanted to You could Replace the shaft with a Normal Shaft and Use the Original Garrett Journal Bearings.



20 thoughts on “PTE Garrett T3 T4 TO4E TO4B Turbo Rebuild Kit

  1. Ben

    Hi TLA

    I’m currently rebuilding an ‘AiReseach M11’ turbo. The problem I have is that the journal bearings ID that came in the kit are too large. The kit I have is supposed to be universal T3/T4 like the one pictured, not not certain but I doubt it is the large shaft kit. The comp wheel shaft is definitely 6.2mm OD. Have you heard of the M11? Have you come across an extra small shaft previously? The new bearings are approx 1 mm too large.


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  4. dany cheung

    HI, i know the title says 6262 rebuilt kit. can you please address me which is the correct kit should i purchase to rebuilt a precision turbo 6262. i guess the seal of the turbine is leaking oil and burning oil on cold.

    1. Austin Post author

      This is the correct it. The 6262 always had the regular to4e kit and nothing special, no special bearings or anything like that.

  5. steve

    Will this kit work on a pte 5469e I can’t find anything for it and not on the list either and pte says you won’t because they don’t sell any rebuild kits or parts has to be rebuilt by them curious about the truth to this..considering I’ve also heard every t3/t4 rebuild kit is universal

    1. Austin Post author

      PTE Made a Few turbos that were a little Unique and difficult to get parts for. That turbo if it has the 3/8 compressor nut then it has the to4e rebuild kit, but it could have a set of staggered journal bearings which uses a stagger turbine shaft, I have the staggered bearing, I had them remade so that I could Rebuild The Rare to4e turbos that PTE made.

  6. Russell

    I have an older Innovative 80mm ball bearing T4 frame turbo, would you have a rebuild kit for this turbocharger ? Innovative has since gone out of business. Thanks

    1. Austin Post author

      i think innovative just changed their name. i think they are comp turbo. i dont have anything to fix that.

  7. Kevin

    I just got a turbonetics turbo and rebuilding it. How do I go about measuring the turbine shaft? Thanks in advance

    1. Austin Post author

      Measure the diameter where the compressor wheel sits, you need digital calipers. Or and even Easier way is if the compressor nut is a 10mm or 3/8 nut then the shaft bore is 6.35mm. If the nut is 11mm or 7/16 (socket size), then the shaft bore is 7.93mm.

  8. Leo

    Hi, im looking for a turbo rebuild kit for my 83′ chevy k10, 6.2 diesel with banks sidewinder turbo kit. Banks doesnt list the turbo manufacturer and theres no i.d tag on the turbo, I almost sure its a garrett t04b. Anything would help.

    1. Austin Post author

      I rebuilt a comp 60-1 with this rebuild kit. If the compressor nut size uses a 3/8 or 10 mm socket then this is the rebuild kit that you need. If it uses an 11 mm or 5/16 socket then you need a big shaft rebuild kit.


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