How to Fix Bent Compressor Wheel Blades

Learn How to How to fix Bent Compressor Wheel Blades

We Had Multiple people damage new billet wheels in shipping. Sometimes you can Fix the wheel. In this Video I show you How to Repair a damaged compressor wheel fin.

The keys are to:

  • Be Patient
  • Take your time
  • Make small changes when Reforming the wheels shape
  • Use plier without grip, pliers with grip make marks in the wheel

It doesn’t always work, but Sometimes the wheel is repairable.


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How To Rebuild Holset HX40 Turbo – Turbo Lab

Sorry I had the hiccups. But I did manage to get a video to teach you how to install our hx40 rebuild kit. This rebuild kit works for the following holset turbos:

  • hx40
  • hx35
  • hy35
  • he341
  • he351
  • hx30

The part number for the rebuild kit is 3575169. If You Need to Buy a Holset HX35/HX40 Rebuild Kit Purchase From Our Amazon Store in the Link Below!:

Here is an Excellent Site for Holset Cross Number Reference:

Cummins Komatsu-elite Ind 4bt 110hp HX30 Part Numbers
Hx30w 3800709 3592016
Hx30w 3800709 3593089
Hx30w 3800709 3593090

Cummins Werklust Loader 6b HX30 Part Numbers
Hx30w 4089772 4036882

Cummins – 4bta 130hp HX30 Part Numbers
3802906 3592122
3802906 3592123
3802906 3592124

Cummins Truck 250hp Hx35w Part numbers
4025154 3593155 3597179
4025154 3598716
3802696 3536322
3802696 3536323
3802696 3536324
3802696 3536325
3802696 3536326
98331221 3536321

Cummins 1996 Off Highway 6bta HX35 Part Numbers
3802767 3536971
3802767 3536972
3802767 3536973
3802767 3536976
500395274 3536976
3802770 3537132 3537132

Cummins – 6ct Hx40w Part numbers:
3802651 3535635 3535635

3802859 3537130 3537130

3802810 3537127 3537127

Volvo Bus D7 Hx40w 1549717 3593977 3592589-d
Volvo Bus D7 Hx40w 1549810 3590850
Volvo Bus D7 Hx40w 1549810 3590850
Volvo Bus D7 Hx40w 3919198 3592590
Volvo Bus D7 Hx40w 3978862 3596138
Volvo Bus D7 Hx40w 8113605 3592590

Volvo – D7 Hx40w 3978545 3592587 3592587-d
Volvo – D7 Hx40w 3978548 3592587
Volvo – D7 Hx40w 3978550 3592587
Volvo – D7 Hx40w 3978565 3592587
Volvo – D7 Hx40w 3978662 3539837
Volvo – D7 Hx40w 3978663 3592587
Volvo – D7 Hx40w 3978725 3592587
Volvo – D7 Hx40w 8113604 3592587

Volvo Bus D10a Hx40w 425703 3536545 4040718-d
Volvo Bus D10a Hx40w 425830 3539001
Volvo Bus Dh10a Hx40w 3979059 3580558
Volvo Bus Dh10a Hx40w 3979060 3593204
Volvo Bus D10a Hx40w 8113009 3536545
Volvo Bus Dh10a Hx40w 8113166 3595117
Volvo Bus Dh10a Hx40w 8113167 3590002
Volvo Bus D10a Hx40w 8113534 4027347
Volvo Bus D10a Hx40w 8113535 3593413
Volvo Bus Dh10a Hx40w 8194705 4027343
Volvo Bus D10a Hx40w 8194706 4027021
Volvo Bus D10a Hx40w – 3595118

How To Resurface a Turbine Housing

Learn How To Resurface a Turbine Housing to prevent the turbo from blowing gaskets. Learn a simple way to resurface a housing without paying a lot of money to have someone use and endmill on your housing.

Tools needed:

  • skill sander($129)
  • 40 grid sanding pad($20 20 pack)

How to Remove a Broken Bolt with Drill Press

Watch and Learn How to Remove a Broken Bolt with Drill Press! I provide all of the details on properly drilling a broken bolt out.

Spark Notes:

  • Use Center punch
  • use small drill bit to start the hole
  • Use New High Speed Drill Bit
  • Use Proper Feed and Speed (some drill presses have settings for this)
  • Drill 1 Drill Bit size under the Sized of the Threads.
  • Make sure its centered and drill all the way through the bolt
  • If the hole was perfectly centered through the bolt, then drill with the final size of the bit before tapping the Threads
  • pick out the threads and Tap the threads 2 times

BUY Tdo5 tdo5h tdo6 tdo6sl2 tdo6h tdo6h4 20g MHI Turbine Shafts

Learn the Difference in MHI Turbine shafts and choose the correct one that you need.

TDO5 Starion turbine (not DSM) 47mm x 55mm: email us we have a few but dont keep stocks

TDO5H Turbine 49mm x 55mm 12 blade Forward rotation (for DSM, NOT for Evo7,8,9):

TDO6SL2 Turbine 54mm x 61mm 11 blade Forward rotation (for DSM, NOT for Evo7,8,9):

TDO6 Turbine 55mm x 65mm 12 blade Forward rotation (for DSM, NOT for Evo7,8,9):

TDO6H4 Turbine 58.8mm x 67.2mm 11 blade Forward rotation (for DSM, NOT for Evo7,8,9):

TDO5HR Turbine 49mm x 55mm 12 blade REVERSE rotation For Evo7,8,9 and SRT4 w/ stage 3 manifold:

Please send us an email if you need this shaft as we are limited on supply:

TDO6SL2R Turbine 54mm x 61mm 11 blade Reverse Rotation For Evo7,8,9 and SRT4 w/ stage 3 manifold: (This shaft is a direct replacement for some Blouch BBK Turbines)

TDO6H4R Turbine 58.8mm x 67.2mm 11 blade Reverse Rotation For Evo7,8,9 and SRT4 w/ stage 3 manifold:





MHI 16g 20g Turbo Rebuild

I walk you through rebuilding an MHI 20g turbocharger. This rebuild process is the same as the 14b, 16g, 18g, 20g, 68hta, fp 71 hta, fp Green, fp Red, fp Black.

NOTE: The Standard Rotation Rebuild kit is Different than the EVO 8 / EVO 9 Rebuild kit.

If you need to purchase the DSM Standard rotation Rebuild kit. Here is the link below:

If you need to purchase the Evo 8, Evo 9 Reverse rotation Rebuild kit. Here is the link below:



T3 to T4 Adapter Plates – Comparison

I bought these T3 to T4 adaptor plates off ebay. Quick Comparison:

Flange 1.

  • doesnt bolt up, i had to take a porting tool to the bolt holes
  • t4 not port matched
  • 2 week shipping

Flange 2.

  • perfect port match on both sides
  • 2 week shipping

Flange 3.

  • holes drilled to big
  • port match for the t4 was good, port match for the t3 was the size of the t4
  • 3 day shipping
  • turned out to be the best fit because i needed the angle
  • hard to bolt on

Any questions? email us

PTE GTX4202R Turbo Rebuild – Ceramic dual ball bearing

Here is a video of me walking you through a turbo rebuild of a dual ball bearing Garrett / PTE GTX4202R turbo.

We do have the seals available if you need to purchase them. The seals are the same as a GT42 journal bearing turbo. We currently dont have the cages from these turbos, so dont break these or we will have to have the cages remade.

Feel free to ask Questions.