Hallman Evolution RX Turbo Boost Controller Kit

Hallman Evolution RX Turbo Boost Controller Kit hallman pro rx manual boost controller cockpit cable

Hallman Boost Controller 2

  • Allows you to Control Boost In Cockpit.
  • Fixes Boost Spike and Creep from Running Standard Boost Controller in Cockpit with long vacuum lines. (Running Vacuum lines into the Cockpit Causes Delayed boost response)
  • Change Boost Level on the Fly Without ever Having to Open Your Hood Again!
  • Easy to Install, Easy to Use.
  • More Reliable than Stand Boost Controller and More Reliable than Electronic Boost Controller


Hallman Pro Boost Controller

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DSM 14b 16g Turbo Internal Wastegate Actuator

14b 16g Turbo Wastegate ActuatorDSM 14b 16g Turbo Internal Wastegate Actuator 







DSM 14b 16g Turbo Internal Wastegate Actuator


Simple Ways How to Test for a Bad Wastegate Actuator:

  • Stretch the Wastegate Actuator Rod Open with Your Hand, While the Wastegate Actuator is In this Position (Open position) Then Put your thumb Over the Nipple to not Allow air to Leave the Wastegate Actuator. If The Wastegate remains in the Open Position, then that means that the Wastegate Diaphram is Still in Perfect shape. (If the WG is Tightly close but diaphram blown air Past or doesnt hold vacuum, this causes Full Boost Condition.)
  • Check for Binding of the Wastegate Rod when the Wastegate Actuator is Mounted. Often the wastegate actuator diaphram can be Crushed Causing the wastegate rod to get stuck on the wastegate frame. This is more of an alignment issue with the wastegate actuator. (Usually This Condition Causes the Wastegate Door To be In Open Position When the Wastegate is Mounted, Causing Lag and Little or No Boost.)
  • You Should be able to Apply air Hose Pressure to a Wastegate Actuator to have the Wastegate Open and Remain Open Without Leaking air our of the Diaphram.(If Doesnt Open Full Boost Condition can be the Result)
  • Broken or leaking Wastegate Nipple (Causes full Boost Condition Because the Boost Pressure is not able to open the Wastegate Relief Valve)

NOTE: Usually a Bad Wastegate Actuator Means Little or No Boost or Full Boost Conditions. 

NOTE: If You see Boost Spike Above Target Boost, The Way to fix this is to use a Boost Source as Close to the TurboCharger as Possible, With as Short of a Vacuum Line as Possible, The Spike is simply Cause By a Delay in getting the pressure of the Turbo to the Wastegate Actuator. This is not a sign of a Bad Wastegate Actuator.  

NOTE: If You see the You Reach Your Target Boost, Then See that your Boost Creeps from Your Target Boost Level When the Engine is Turning Higher RPM 4500 or Above, this is not a sign of a Bad Wastegate Actuator. The Reason This is Happening, is because the Wastegate Flapper hole and or passage after WG Hole will not Flow Well Enough To Control The Boost Level, This Can Be Fix By Porting.

But if too Much Porting is Applied, Then You Could have an issue with not being able to run high boost, Because The Exhaust Pressure Gains so Much Ground On the WG flapper, that The Exhaust Pressure will force open the WG Spring Before the Pressure To the WG Nipple is Applied. At This Point you need a Wastegate with a Higher PSI Spring Pressure. Choose the Base Pressure of the Spring by taking your Target boost and Divide it by 2. If you want to run 30psi, you should use a 15 psi WG with a boost Controller. Or you Could use a 30 psi wg without a boost controller.

NOTE: Wastegate Adjustment Should Not be Treated like a Boost Controller, Excess tension will Cause the Turbine Housing To Crack Sooner.

Dodge Stealth RT 3000GT VR4 20T Turbo Upgrade

Dodge Stealth RT 3000GT VR4 20T Turbo Upgrade

  • 600 + HP Capable
  • 800 + FT/LB of Torque Capable
  • 47mm x 58mm 20T Billet Compressor Wheel (offered in 11 and 6 blade)
  • 45mm x 50mm 9 Blade TDO4HL Turbine Wheel
  • We Have All the Parts and We offer the Service

If you are Interesting in Having us Build These Turbo For You or you want to buy Parts. Contact Us Here

Holset HX40 Super 40 Turbo Specs

The HX40 Super is a Very Popular Upgrade for The Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel.

Holset HX40 Super 40 Turbo Specs:

We do offer This Service, You can Contact us Here.

Holset HX40 Vs HX40 Super:

  • HX40 Super Has Billet Wheel (60mm x 86mm)
  • HX40 7 blade has Cast Wheel, (Same Measurements and Profile) (60mm x 86mm)
  • HX40 Super Has 10 Blade 64mm x 76mm Turbine
  • HX40 7 blade Regular Has 12 Blade HX40 64mm x 76mm Turbine


MHI 20g Compressor Housing and Compressor Wheel

20g Compressor housing and wheel 2We Offer New MHI 20g Compressor Housing and 20g Compressor Wheel

  • 52.6mm x 68mm Compressor Wheel
  • Balanced and Ready to Install
  • Fit TDO5, TDO6 Turbos
  • Upgrade for 14b, 12a, s16g, b16g, Hahn Racecraft turbos, Fp Turbos, 68hta, Evo X,
  • 3″ Inlet Compressor Housing 2.25″ Outlet

MHI 20g Compressor Housing

PTE Precision 6262 Turbine Wheel Shaft

PTE 6262 turbine wheel
We Sell Replacement Precision 6262 Turbine Wheel (PTE 6262 Turbine)

PTE 6262 Turbine Shaft / Garrett T350 Stage 5 Turbine Wheel Shaft 62.35mm x 68mm

  • For PTE Journal Bearing and Some Ball Bearing 6262 PTE Turbo Chargers
  • aka Garrett T350 Turbine Wheel
  • 62.35mm x 68mm
  • 134mm Length
  • Balanced and Ready to Install for Journal Bearing Turbos (You Should balance with Compressor Wheel for Ball Bearing Application)
  • Not for GT35R Ball Bearing
  • For GT35 Journal Bearing that use Compressor nut
  • 6.35mm Shaft Bore
  • 713 Inconel
  • 10 Blades

Precision 6262 turbine wheel



TDO5 14b 16g to 20g Conversion Hybrid Turbo Upgrade

14b 16g to 20g Conversion Hybrid Turbo Upgrade:

  • 52.6mm x 68mm x 71mm (20g billet or Cast wheel)
  • 47.5 lb per min with TDO5H turbine (49mm x 56mm 12 Blade)(415hp)(e85 and 28 psi)
  • 51 lb per min with TDO6SL2 Turbine Upgrade (54mm x 61mm 11 Blade (449HP)(pump gas, 28psi, and Meth)
  • 3″ Inlet Compressor Housing + Wheel Option(<You can Purchase Here if you want)

Turbine Wheel Options:

Compressor Wheel Options

  • 48.3mm x 68mm x 71mm (Evo 3 16g Billet Compressor Wheel)
  • 52.6mm x 68mm x 71mm Billet 20g Compressor Wheel 6 Blade, 7 Blade, and 11 Blade
  • 53.11 x 71 x 74mm 3071R 6 Blade Billet Wheel
  • 55 x 75mm 7 Blade Billet Wheel
  • 56 x 76 6 Blade Billet Wheel
  • 58mm x 76mm GTX3076R Billet Compressor Wheel (500+HP)
  • 60.5 x 78mm x 82mm 25g Billet Compressor Wheel 5 Blade, 6 Blade, 11 Blade
  • 60.27 x 82 x 84mm Billet 7 Blade (Close to 35r Size)


MHI TDO6H Turbine Wheel – 9 Blade vs 11 Blade

TDO6H Turbine Wheel 11 Bladetdo6h turbine wheel 9 blade

We Offer 11 Blade and 9 Blade MHI TDO6H Turbine Wheels.


  • 58.8mm x 67.2mm
  • Options: 9 Blade, 11 Blade, 12 Blade
  • 713 Inconel
  • Replacement for DSM Evo X FP Red, FP Black Turbine, MAP EF4 Evo X
  • Balanced and Ready to Install
  • 9 Blade is Light Weight and Flows More
  • 11 Blade is Heavier But More Commonly Used
TDO6H turbine wheel

Buy TDO6H 11 Blade

TDO6H 9 Blade  turbine wheel

Buy TDO6H 9 Blade



TDO5 TDO6 MHI 20g Compressor Housing + Wheel

tdo6 20g compressor housing and wheelHere is an Excellent “Do It Yourself” Upgrade Which well sell Separate and as a Package.

  • MHI 20g Compressor Housing + Compressor Wheel
  • Upgrade from 14b, 16g, 12a, Hahn racecraft, FP turbo (Anything MHI TDO5 TDO6)
  • 52.6mm x 68mm
  • Balanced and Ready To Install
  • 3″ Inlet TDO6 Compressor Housing
  • 2.25″ Outlet
  • 47.5 lb per min with TDO5H 12 Blade Turbine (49mm x 56mm) (400 hp Capable)
  • 51 lb per min with TDO6 12 Blade Turbine (55mm x 65mm (450 hp Capable)
20g Compressor Housing

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Note: If Upgrading a 14b, 12a, s16g, then Machining the Bearing Housing to 69mm is Required for the Compressor Wheel to Fit. (approx 20$ service at local machined shop)

Toyota Supra Land Cruiser CT26 Turbo Rebuild Kit

toyota ct26 turbo rebuild kit 2 We Sell Toyota Supra Land Cruiser CT26 Turbo Rebuild Kit

  • 360 degree Thrust Bearing
  • Fits Toyota Land Crusier and Supra
  • Upgraded CT26 Turbo Rebuild Kit
  • 6.5mm shaft bore



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