HX40 Compressor Wheel And Housing

HX40 Compressor Wheel and HousingWe are Proud to Provide New HX40 Compressor Wheel And Housings for Easy HX35/HX40 Hybrid Upgrades!

Here are the Details:

  • Brand new 60mm x 86mm Compressor Housing for 7 Blade HX40
  • Brand New 60mm x 86mm x 89.5mm Extended Tip billet Compressor Wheel


Compressor Wheel Details:

  • Slimnose Hub
  • Light Weight (20 grams lighter than Stock)
  • Thin Blades
  • Machined From Solid Aluminum
  • Extended Blades
  • 60 x 86 x 89.5mm
  • Balanced and Ready to Install

What Else Do You Need To Know to Install this on your HX35 or HX40:

  • Your Bearing Housing Must be Machined to 87.5mm to Accept the HX40 Compressor Wheel
  • Take Note that the HX40 8 blade is 57mm x 82mm, so The Bearing Housing for that Will Have to Be Machined Also
  • We Do Machine Bearing Housings for $20, but Most People Take Their Bearing Housing To a Local Machine Shop, so they Don’t Have to Wait on Shipping Down Time

Take a Look At the Weight Comparison Picture Between the Two Compressor Wheels:

Holset HX40 Billet Wheel

HX40 Billet Wheel vis Cast Wheel

If You Like What we have to Offer, You can Purchase Our Compressor Housing and Billet Wheel Here:

Holset HX40 Super Billet Compressor Wheel

HX40 Billet Wheel vs Stock 60 x 86Introduction HX40 Extended Tip Billet Compressor Wheels!  Weighing in at 127 Grams, in the Right Corner! Weighing in at 147 Grams in the Left Corner!

Results: So Far We Have Seen 79 lb per min at 40 psi With this Billet Wheel on an HY35, Which We Machined for a HX40 64 x 76mm Turbine and the 60 x 86 HX40 Billet Wheel 4015C. (Keep in Mind the HY35 Turbo Only has a 9 cm­2 Turbine Housing.

HX40 Billet Wheel vis Cast Wheel Holset HX40 Billet Wheel

Hear are the Features of This Compressor Wheel:

  • 60mm x 86mm x 89.5mm  Extended Tip
  • Slim Hub matches the Compressor nut dimension
  • Fits HX40 7 Blade as a Direct Replacement
  • Fits HE351, HE351VE, HX40 Super As a Direct Fit
  • Results Logged 79 lb Per Min at 40 Psi on a 2.0 4g63T
  • Balanced and Ready To Install
  • Machined From Solid Aluminum
  • Light Weight!

Here is a link To Our Amazon Listing If You Would Like to Purchase This Wheel:

Precision 6262 T350 Stage 5 Turbine Wheel Shaft

6262 t350 turbine shaftThis PTE Turbine Shaft I Pretty Difficult to Find. However We Now are Selling These Turbine Shafts. This Turbine Is used in the 6262 Journal bearing and 6262 Ball bearing applications.

Here are the Details:

  • 6.35mm Shaft Bore
  • 134mm Length
  • 62.35mm x 68mm wheel
  • 10 blade turbine
  • Left hand thread M6 x 1.0
  • Balanced and Ready to Install
  • Cartridge Balancing is Recommended for the Ball Bearing Installation
  • For PTE Journal Bearing and Ball Bearing 6262 PTE Turbo Chargers
  • aka Garrett T350 Turbine Wheel
  • Not for Threaded Compressor Wheel
  • Not for GT35R Ball Bearing
  • For GT35 Journal Bearing that use Compressor nut
  • 713 Inconel

Buy PTE 6262 Turbine Shaft HERE!


T3 T4 TO4E TO4B Garrett PTE Turbo Rebuild Kit


T3 T4 TO4B TO4S 360 Degree Turbo Rebuild kitHere is The Most Common Turbo Rebuild Kit for Garrett, Comp, PTE, and Turbonetics Turbochargers. This Rebuild Kit Is Easily Identified By Measuring the Turbine Shaft Bore. If you have a 6.35mm Shaft Bore Where the Compressor wheel Sits then This is the Correct Kit that You need.

Standard Shaft Bore: 6.35mm, When you Measure your Shaft You Will get Around 6.2mm, This Means That This is the Kit for Your Turbo.

If Your Turbine Shaft Measures 7.93mm Where the Compressor Wheel sits Then Your Turbo Uses a Big Shaft Rebuild Kit Which We Sell Here!

Keep In Mind that it is very Common That Your turbo May have a 270 Degree Thrust Bearing, Don’t Be Alarmed, Because Our 360 Degree Rebuild Kit Drops Directly in Its place. Here is a Comparison Between The 270 and 360 Degree Thrust Bearings: 270 vs 360 Degree Thrust Bearing





Here Are the Details About This Rebuild Kit: 

This is an 360 Degree Upgraded Garrett Turbo Rebuild Kit for a 6.35mm shaft bore TO4E, TO4B, TO4S, TO4R, TO4Z turbo. This Kit Comes with The Compressor Plates for the TO4S TO4B TO4R TO4Z Turbos. (If you need the T04E compressor Plates, Please look for Our Other Listing “Garrett TO4E Turbo Rebuild Kit”)

Details kit includes:

  • 6.35mm shaft/compressor bore
  • Upgraded 360 degree Thrust Bearing With Larger Thrust Spacer and Collar
  • Works in 6.35mm Shaft Bore / Compressor Wheel Bore   Turbonetics, Precision, Garrett Turbos
  • Dual oil port thrust bearing
  • Works with TO4S, TO4E, TO4B, TO4Z, TO4R 6.35mm shaft bore turbos
  • Brass Thrust Bearing Prevents Common PTE’s Steel Thrust Bearing Failures

This rebuild kit works with 6.35mm shaft /compressor bore garrett, precision, and turbonetics turbos. The brass thrust bearing help dispate heat better than the earlier factory steel thrust bearing design.

The kit includes:

  • 6 compressor housing bolts
  • 6 exhaust housing bolts
  • 4 Compressor Plate to Bearing Housing Bolts
  • Compressor Housing Brackets
  • Exhaust Housing Brackets
  • 4 Bearing C-Clips
  • 1 360 Thrust Bearing,
  • 1 Thrust Collar
  • 1 Flinger
  • Front and Rear piston rings,
  • Compressor Housing O-ring Seal
  • Bearing Housing to Compressor Plate O-ring Seal
  • 3 Thrust Bearing Bolts
  • 1 Compressor Nut

Works with Precision (all 6.35mm shaft bore pte turbos)

  • 4854B
  • 4831B
  • 5454E
  • Pte 5431E
  • Pte 6051E
  • 5554E
  • 5531E
  • 5831E
  • 5931E
  • 6176E
  • 6776E
  • 6266
  • 6466

**And More! If your Not Sure Measure Your Shaft Bore, If your Still Not Sure Then Ask Us.

If You See That You Turbo Does Not Have Threads to Bolt Down The Thrust Bearing, Do Not worry, This Thrust  Bearing has Holes for the Dowel Pins on the Bearing Housing. If Your turbo Doesn’t Use Screws To Hold the Thrust Bearing Down, It likely Uses This Retaining Ring In the Compressor Plate.  Keep In Mind The Newest PTE Turbos Have the Compressor Plate Designed To Retain the Thrust Bearing Rather than This Ring.to4e to4b thrust bearing retaining ring






Though It is Rare Some PTE Turbos Have Unique Turbine Shaft Which Use Unique Bearings Like In the Picture Below However, We Do Offer a Solution To This Unique Kit. If You Need These Journal Bearings, Email Us at Turbolabamerica@gmail.com So we can setup a Listing for you. Here are Pictures Of the Unique But Rare PTE Parts:

pte weird journal bearing

PTE Unique Journal Bearing

PTE 5031 Turbine shaft





The Bearings Must go with the Turbine Shaft. However if you Wanted to You could Replace the shaft with a Normal Shaft and Use the Original Garrett Journal Bearings.

MHI 14B 16g 20g Turbo Rebuild Kit

FP MAP Tomica Racing turbo rebuild kitMHI 14B 16g 20g Turbo Rebuild Kit Fits:

  • Evo X Turbos
  • MHI Genuine 14b,16g, 18g, 20g, FP Green, Red, Black MAP, Tomica Racing, Blouch, Turbos
  • NOT for Evo 4-9 Turbos, (Visit Here for Evo 4-9 Turbo Rebuild kit)
  • Subaru MHI 16g and Upgraded Turbos
  • Hahn Racecraft Turbos
  • Tomei Turbo

This is an Upgraded Rebuild Kit that is Needed for Running Higher Boost Levels. We Have Customers running 34 PSI on This Rebuild Kit  with the Largest Frame Turbo and Making Over 600 HP and Holding Strong!! Here Is Our Amazon Listing If You Need to Purchase:

Here are the Details of what Our Rebuild Kit Includes:

  • 1 upgraded thrust bearing
  • 1 18mm thrust collar
  • 1 18mm thrust spacer (factory is 14mm)
  • 2 journal bearings
  • 1 front seal
  • 1 rear seal
  • oring for compressor housing
  • oring for inside the turbo
  • 2 bearing retaining clips
  • 1 stainless steel rear heat shield
  • 1 c-clip to hold in the front plate.
  • 1 oil return gasket
  • 1 bolt and nut for the vband clamp
  • 1 compressor nut
  • 1 oil deflector


NOTE: This Rebuild Kit is for Standard Rotation Only (Evo 1 -3 Evo X Turbos). This Kit is not for Evo4 – 9 Turbos Because They Use a Reverse Rotation Thrust Bearing. We also Sell the Evo 4-9 Rebuild Kit Here!



Garrett T2 T25 T28 360 Degree Turbo Rebuild Kit

300zx t2 Twin Turbo Rebuild kit

t2 t25 t28 360 degree Turbo Rebuild kit




We Offer Garrett T2 T25 T28 360 Degree Turbo Rebuild Kit for Nissan and DSM TurboChargers. Take Advantage Of This Great Deal From Our Ebay Store Or Amazon Store Below! This Rebuild Kit Is an Upgrade for the Following:

  • 88 – 00 300zx Twin Turbo t2 turbos
  • 95-99 Eclipse GST GSX (DSM) (4G63T) -T25 Turbo
  • 95-99 Eagle Talon TSI  (DSM) (4G63T) -T25 Turbo
  • SR20DET Factory Turbo (nissan Silvia) -T25 Turbo
  • VG30DETT Z32 (1988 – 2000 300zx twin turbo) -T2 turbo
  • This Kit Features a Stronger 360 Degree Thrust Bearing with a Large Oil feed Hole and Upgraded Thrust Collar and Spacer.

Take Advantage of the Great Deal That We Offer for Our Rebuild Kits!

Our Garrett T2 Turbo Rebuild Kit Includes:

  • 1 360 degree thrust bearing with large oil feed hole
  • 1 thrust collar and 1 spacer
  • 2 piston rings seals front and rear
  • 2 o-ring seals
  • 3 retaining bearing retaining clips
  • 3 screw to hold thrust bearing down
  • 2 narrow journal bearings (nissan)
  • 2 wide journal bearings (DSM t25/t28)
  • 2 turbine housing retaining plates
  • c-clip  for front plate
  • 1 new stainless steel heat shield

Best kit for the best cost, price match guarantee!!

TDO4, TDO4H, TDO4L, TDO4HL, Turbo Rebuild kit

This is an upgrade turbo rebuild kit for Volvo, Hyundai, saab, MHI rallyart, 89-94 auto DSM, Subaru WRX.

Buy TDO4 Turbo Rebuild Kit. (TDO4, TDO4H, TDO4L, TDO4HL)

Click Link To Purchase TDO4 Turbo Rebuild Kit:

Learn Why You Need This Turbo Rebuild Kit if You are Rebuilding a TDO4 Turbo. This Kit is Critical to Have if you are Planning on Running Higher Boost on Your TDO4 Turbocharger! If you like our work, feel free to join our facebook page and group. If you need Parts for Your Turbo Build we also Sell Everything to Build New Turbo Chargers. We Also Sell KTS billet wheels.Community: www.facebook.com/groups/turbolab/

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Key words:
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TDO4HL Turbo Upgrade
TDO4 SuperBack Turbo Upgrade

Common Vehicles That Use This Rebuild Kit

88-94 DSM (Automatic transmission) Eclipse,Talon, Plymouth laser turbo rebuild kit
Hyundai Genensis TDO4 Turbo
Sabb TDO4 Turbo
Volvo TDO4, TDO4HL Turbo Upgrade
Acura RDX Turbo Upgrade
3000 GT Turbo Rebuild Kit
Subaru 13T TDO4L WRX Turbo
Dodge Stealth Turbo Rebuild Kit
EVO X Lancer Ralliart 15T

NOTE: Thrust bearing Not for TDO4LR (srt4) Reverse

If You Need Help Rebuilding Your Turbo Please Watch Our Videos on How to Rebuild You Specific Turbocharger!  If you Would Like Our Services, Please Contact Us Here.

Holset H1C H1E Turbo Rebuild Kit


The Solution To Holset H1C/H1E Thrust Bearing Failure is Here!!

This kit uses a Thrust bearing that Mimics the HX35/HX40 thrust bearing, but its machined to allow it to bolt to the H1E/H1C bearing housing. This is the perfect solution to original OEM webbed thrust bearing. This is the best rebuild kit you can buy for the h1e and h1c.  These turbos are known to thrust bearing failure do to the stock thrust bearing only having one oil hole.  This kit includes a HX35/HX40 thrust bearing percisionlly machined to fit the H1E/H1C turbos. The HX35/HX40 thrust bearing has 2 oil holes and thicker thrust collars, which improves protection, and eliminated premature failure of the factory bearing.  The bearing is made flow oil more efficiently and increase the life of the turbo.  This rebuild kit contains

  • 1 upgraded HX35/HX40 dual oil port thrust bearing
  • 1 back plate o ring and 1 compressor plate o ring
  • 4 back plate bolts
  • 4 clips to hold the bearings into place
  • 1 thrust collar
  • 2 brass bearings
  • 1 shaft seal and 1 front seal
  • 1 compressor nut
  • 3 thrust bearing bolts
  • front flinger ( holds the front seal )
  • gaskets for the oil return line 
  • 4 new exhaust bolts
  • 2 new exhaust housing plates
  • We guarantee the highest quality materials at Turbo Lab or we wouldn’t put our name on it!

What Causes a Turbo To Blow, Leak, or Burn Oil? Find Out HERE!

The Most Common Response People say is Turbo Seals are Bad, But Im Going to Teach You in This Post That Often this is the most Uneducated Answer. Here is a list of Most Common Problems to Least Common in Order.  In This List a Lot of the Time The Turbo Can Still Be “Good” But Blowing Oil.

The Top Reasons Why a Turbo Blows OIl:

  1. The Oil Drain Size Is Too Small. Most Aftermarket Drain Fittings Have too Small of an Inside Diameter Which is Often the Problem. A Factory MHI Drain is 16mm Inside Diameter. Aftermarket -10 an Drain Fittings are 12mm Inside Diameter. This Causes the Oil to not Drain Effieciently and the OIl backs up in the cartridge. With new oil filling the Cartridge and the Old oil not being removed, the oil pressure builds up in the cartridge and is forced out the seals.
  2. Blocking Crank Case Ventilation Causes the Pressure in the oil Pan to Build up, Which no Longer Allows the Oil to Drain From the Turbo Properly, Because the Crank Case is Pressurized.
  3. Oil Level. The OIl Level Can Be Higher Than the Oil Seals, if You Put too Much Oil in the Oil Pan, or If the Turbocharger is Sitting to Low in Relation to the OIl Level. Both Situations can Cause oil to Lean Past the Seals.
  4. Oil Pressure.  The Oil Pressure Being Too Low, will Cause The Turbo To Wear the Internal Parts of the Turbo. Usually Once the turbo develops some In and Out Shaft play the Seals get Worn out in the Process, Which makes the Turbo Need a Rebuild.  The Oil Pressure Being Too High, is Never the a Problem Unless The Oil Drain is Not Large Enough To Remove the Volume That is Being Fed into The Turbocharger. Ball Bearing Turbos Need a .035” Restrictor However, Because their Cartridges Are Much Smaller, and They Can only Hold So Much Volume.
  5. Oil Restrictor in a Journal Bearing Turbo. Having and Oil Restrictor in a Journal Bearing Turbo can Causes Turbos to Eventually to Blow oil, Because it Starves the Turbo Of Oil, Which Causes the Internals of the Turbo to Wear out (including the Seals). Don’t Use a Restrictor with a Journal Bearing Turbo, if You think the OIl pressure is “Too High” Then a Drain with a Larger Inside Diameter.
  6. Hot Shut Offs.  After You Drive Your Turbocharged Vehicle Hard, You Should let the Engine idle for 1 to 2 Minutes to Allow The Oil to Circulate Through the Turbocharger to Remove the Heat from the Internal Parts of the Turbo. If You Do Not Do this, Then the Next Time You Start the Vehicle up, The Turbo Internals Could Be Dry, Which can Cause the Internal Parts the Wear Out Prematurely.
  7. Improper Oil Weight.  Just like Engines, Turbochargers have a Required Thickness of Oil to be Used. If you Use too Thin of oil Weight For the Ambient Temperatures, Your Turbo can Result in Blowing Oil. The Minimum Weight Required is 10w 30, But Often Some People Are Able to Run 5W Oil in Their Cars in Below 0 Degree Temperatures, but just Remember Your taking a Risk if You Forget to change the OIl When Warmer Temperatures Come Around, Your Turbo Will Fail Quickly!
  8. Oil Contamination Oil Contamination Will Destroy a Turbo Quickly. The Foreign Material, can be Debris from a Previous Blown Engine, sand blast media, leftover rtv gasket maker, or Anything that Could have Fallen into the Oil Pan. This Is the Worst Case to Have, Because it Often requires the Engine to Be Rebuilt and Flushed Thoroughly.  These Particles can Be Trapped in the OIl Journals, Which Never Allows The Debris to Leave No Matter How Much You Change the Engine Oil. Often If these Particles Make it to the Turbocharger, the Bearing Housing Gets Scared and Causes the Cartridge to often Need Replacing. Luckily Now We offer New Cartridges for Turbochargers!


Here Is My Experience With Running Restrictors on Holset Turbos:

“I built 2 Holset HX40 Turbos With Oil Retrictors in the Passed, They Both Failed Really Quickly, I Used a 5/64 Drill Bit Which is .075” Approx Which is What People Recommend Online, Both Failed and I had to Warrantee Them. The Reason Why People Started to Recommend Using Oil Restrictors in the First Place is Because the Oil was not Draining Effectively Enough From the Turbo in Some Shape or Form. The restrictor Helps Prevent the Excessive Oil Volume, But it Often Can Restrict too Much Oil Which Causes the Turbo to Fail.”

The Same Rule Goes for Garrett, PTE, Turbonetics, and Comp Journal Bearing Turbochargers… Dont use a Restrictor, use a Larger Oil Drain with the Proper Inside Diameter(16mm)!

Keep it simple:

  • Run the oil feed from the oil filter housing
  • Large enough oil drain (16mm ID)
  • Properly vent your crankcase
  • Run the appropriate oil thickness

Under the Circumstances Where the Turbo Is Leaking Oil, You are also Losing Oil Pressure. It is Very Common for the Engine to Spin Bearings, or lose Compression Due To Lack of Oil Pressure in the Engine, Due to Your Turbo Leaking all the Oil pressure out the Turbo Seals. The Main Reason is Because The Oil pan Runs Dry and The oil Pressure is Lowered When an Oil Leak is Present. Park the Car and Fix the Turbo Before You Create More Problems!

KO3 KO4 Turbo Rebuild Kit

This is an Upgrade Rebuild Kit with a 360 Degree Thrust Bearing.

This Kit includes:

  • 2 piston ring seals
  • Triple oil port thrust bearing
  • Twin Oil Port Stationary Journal bearing
  • Bearing c clip x2
  • Bearing retainer clip
  • Thrust collar and spacer
  • 2 rubber orings
  • Compressor nut
  • 6 exhaust bolts
  • Compressor housing bracket
  • Oil Deflector

This Turbo Rebuild Kit Works for KO3 and KO4 Turbochargers. Here are A few common Makes and Models that use this Turbo. If you are still not sure if This Rebuild Kit is For Your Car then Contact Us Here.

Mazda Speed 3
Mazda Speed 6
Mazda CX-7

Audi TT
Audi A4
Audi A6
Audi S4

Passat 1.8T
GTI 1.8T
GLI 1.8T
Jetta 1.8T
Beetle 1.8T

General Motors Corp.
Pontiac Soltice
Saturn Sky
Chevy Cobalt SS

BMW Mini
Mini Cooper


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