BUY Tdo5 tdo5h tdo6 tdo6sl2 tdo6h tdo6h4 20g MHI Turbine Shafts

Learn the Difference in MHI Turbine shafts and choose the correct one that you need.

TDO5 Starion turbine (not DSM) 47mm x 55mm: email us we have a few but dont keep stocks

TDO5H Turbine 49mm x 55mm 12 blade Forward rotation (for DSM, NOT for Evo7,8,9):

TDO6SL2 Turbine 54mm x 61mm 11 blade Forward rotation (for DSM, NOT for Evo7,8,9):

TDO6 Turbine 55mm x 65mm 12 blade Forward rotation (for DSM, NOT for Evo7,8,9):

TDO6H4 Turbine 58.8mm x 67.2mm 11 blade Forward rotation (for DSM, NOT for Evo7,8,9):

TDO5HR Turbine 49mm x 55mm 12 blade REVERSE rotation For Evo7,8,9 and SRT4 w/ stage 3 manifold:

Please send us an email if you need this shaft as we are limited on supply:

TDO6SL2R Turbine 54mm x 61mm 11 blade Reverse Rotation For Evo7,8,9 and SRT4 w/ stage 3 manifold: (This shaft is a direct replacement for some Blouch BBK Turbines)

TDO6H4R Turbine 58.8mm x 67.2mm 11 blade Reverse Rotation For Evo7,8,9 and SRT4 w/ stage 3 manifold:





MHI 16g 20g Turbo Rebuild

I walk you through rebuilding an MHI 20g turbocharger. This rebuild process is the same as the 14b, 16g, 18g, 20g, 68hta, fp 71 hta, fp Green, fp Red, fp Black.

NOTE: The Standard Rotation Rebuild kit is Different than the EVO 8 / EVO 9 Rebuild kit.

If you need to purchase the DSM Standard rotation Rebuild kit. Here is the link below:

If you need to purchase the Evo 8, Evo 9 Reverse rotation Rebuild kit. Here is the link below:



T3 to T4 Adapter Plates – Comparison

I bought these T3 to T4 adaptor plates off ebay. Quick Comparison:

Flange 1.

  • doesnt bolt up, i had to take a porting tool to the bolt holes
  • t4 not port matched
  • 2 week shipping

Flange 2.

  • perfect port match on both sides
  • 2 week shipping

Flange 3.

  • holes drilled to big
  • port match for the t4 was good, port match for the t3 was the size of the t4
  • 3 day shipping
  • turned out to be the best fit because i needed the angle
  • hard to bolt on

Any questions? email us

PTE GTX4202R Turbo Rebuild – Ceramic dual ball bearing

Here is a video of me walking you through a turbo rebuild of a dual ball bearing Garrett / PTE GTX4202R turbo.

We do have the seals available if you need to purchase them. The seals are the same as a GT42 journal bearing turbo. We currently dont have the cages from these turbos, so dont break these or we will have to have the cages remade.

Feel free to ask Questions.

Trask Performance Turbo Upgrade : GT3071R

Here is a quick video that I made of a GT3071R turbo that I made to replace a trask Performance turbo. The turbo i built is rated for 400 hp.

The specifications for our upgrade are:

  • Comp wheel 53mm x 71mm billet 30r wheel
  • Turbine wheel: 55mm x 60mm gt3071 turbine
  • T2 .64 turbine housing (from nissan sr20)
  • .48 compressor housing (i have no idea what this comp cover came from)
  • Garrett Ceramic Dual Ball Bearing
  • Trask internal wastegate
  • HP Rating: 400+ Hp and 600 CFM

The previous Trask turbo specifications are:

  • Turbine wheel 47mm x 53mm
  • Compressor wheel 45 x 60
  • HP Rating: 165 hp

trask turbo Upgrade

It looks From this picture that Trask Performance does do garrett ball bearing upgrades, but im not sure what size. Here is a picture of a To4b cover that they used, with this cover I could have machined it all the way to a 3076 or a gtx3582r. But we were just trying to make 200 hp with our build.

trask turbo upgrade

If you are not familar with trask here is their facebook page.

If you are looking for a Trask Performance turbo upgrade for your bike you can email us at:

Evo 8 and Evo 9 turbo upgrade options

We now offer a 6 blade 56mm x 73 x 75mm billet extended tip compressor wheel for the Evo 8 and Evo 9 turbo chargers.  We can match the 56mm compressor wheel with a tdo6sl2R (54mm x 61mm 11 blade) or tdo6h4R (58mm x 67mm 11 blade) turbine. I pair this 56mm billet wheel with the tdo6sl2 for the first dyno testing. Im hoping to see great horsepower results out of it with the tdo6sl2R turbine.

So far we have only got test results for the tdo5hR 20g (cast wheel, unclipped turbine) in and evo 9 turbo. Our results proved 493 awhp and 560 hp to the crank @ 31 psi.  We have not gotten results for the billet wheels yet. These two turbo are leaving for testing tomorrow 6/19/13. Both turbos have tdo6sl2R turbine upgrades and evo 9 10.5 cm^2 turbine housings.

Evo 8 billet 7 blade 20g (52.6mm x 68mm x 71mm) on the left.  Evo 8 56mm x 73mm x 75mm billet wheel upgrade on the right.

Evo 8 billet 7 blade 20g (52.6mm x 68mm x 71mm) on the left.
Evo 8 56mm x 73mm x 75mm billet wheel upgrade on the right.

For a reference on what to compare the 56mm turbo to our competitors, the fp Red has a compressor wheel approx (56mm x 75mm) and it uses a 58mm x 67mm turbine tdo6h4R shaft.  We can offer the tdo6h4R turbine, but the evo 9 turbine housing is so large that we were not concerned about picking up additional airflow on the turbine side. We were really impressed with how effective evo 9  turbine housing minimizes back pressure in the turbine housing at higher boost levels and higher rpm.


We also can build these turbo chargers with a billet 25g compressor wheel (60.5 mm x 78mm). We have seen kinugawa use a tdo6sl2R turbine but I strongly recommend the tdo6h4R turbine, because the tdo6sl2R turbine is so small compared the to the size of the 25g.  The tdo6sl2R turbine will never be able to support the flow of the 25g compressor wheel and you would be better off with a tdo6sl2R 20g over the tdo6sl2R 25g.  This is why we recommend using wheels close in flow rates.

You will be happy to know that Turbo Lab takes very good care of its customers when it comes to pricing. Unfortunately we can’t offer brand new evo 8 and evo 9 turbo chargers to build, so we buy used ones to build and stock on our shelf.  If you don’t have a core turbo charger we can just sell you a turbo charger that we have modified for your vehicle. The cast 20g compressor upgrade with rebuild is $280 and with billet wheel $350. The Evo 8 and Evo 9 rebuild and upgrade to the tdo6sl2r/20g billet compressor wheel or tdo6sl2r/56mm billet compressor wheel is 500$ with a core (parts and labor included).  If you want to upgrade to the tdo6h4R turbine, the cost is an additional $40.

If you send an evo 9 turbo in or if you are buying an evo 9 turbo from us and you plan to t0 upgrade to the billet 25g, we have the option of using an anti-surge compressor housing. The anti-surge compressor housings are only avaiable for the evo 9 turbo chargers because of the larger diameter of the bearing housing and compressor housing. The total cost of the build for an evo 9 25g, with tdo6h4R turbine, and anti-surge compressor housing is $600 with a core.

If you don’t have a core, you can purchase one from us. Some of the evo 9 cores we have in stock we have paid up to $275 for and we offer to sell them for the cost we paid as long as we get paid from the service we are happy with that.

We hope to hear from you soon.




ko3 ko4 ko6 Turbo upgrade for audi a4, volkswagen gti, Chevy cobalt, pontiac sky, mazda 3

Turbo Lab's ko3 ko4 ko6 50mm x 61mm billet compressor wheel upgrade.

Turbo Lab’s ko3 ko4 ko6 50mm x 61mm billet compressor wheel upgrade.

Turbo Lab now offers a 50mm x 61mm billet compressor wheel upgrade for ko3/ko4/k06 turbo chargers. The craftsmanship of the ko3 turbo upgrade is intense because it involve very precise machine skills to make this turbo build possible. The new inlet of the compressor housing becomes a massive 2.375″ outside diameter which is flared out for more air flow and better spool capability.


This turbo upgrade also utilizes the biggest turbine available for the k series turbo which is the 44.5 mm x 50 mm ko4/ko6 turbine. We can also offer turbine clipping for this turbo to help with even more flow capability.  If you have a ko4 or ko6 from factory your turbo would just need a simple compressor upgrade to build what you see here. Keep in mind not all of the compressor housings are the same, if your wondering why this compressor housing doesn’t look like yours, the reason why is because its probably not the same housing, but as long as your turbo is a ko3-k06 we can offer this 50mm x 61mm compressor upgrade.

981398_4658788943869_980542521_oThe most common cars that run the Borg Warner k series turbos are the audi a4, voltswagen jetta and gti, chevy cobalt, pontiac sky, and mazda 3.  We are proud to now offer this turbo, though we have not gotten any result of what it will do, we can predict by its size that it should be able to 320-350whp of airflow.  We are even more excited to upgrade the twin turbos on an audi a6 next to see what we can get out of them. With two of these turbo upgrades on an audi a6 2.7 v6, we are expecting to see 500-600 hp of air flow.

Understanding I Why Turbine housings Crack

Turbine housings can crack from an improper tune which causes high EGT (exhaust temperatures). Another reason why they crack is due to improper cool down of the turbocharger. It is important to let the automobile idle for a few minutes to let the oil recirculate through the turbo charger to remove the heat from the turbo charger. This cool down period is even more important in the winter time. During this idle time exhaust system will also release heat. Turbine housings cracking is not covered by OEM manufactures due to falling under the category of miss use of the turbocharger.  This is also something that is out of our control.

Most manufactures use a nickel additive in the turbine housings, the help prevent cracking of the turbine housing. This significantly reduces the chance of the turbine housing cracking. However Often the turbine housing will still crack on sharp edges in the turbine housing.

Some companies have also used pure stainless steel turbine housings, which also reduces the possibility of the turbine housing cracking. However, sharp edges of the turbine housing still tend to crack. A way to try and prevent cracking is to use a porting tool and sand the sharp edges of the turbine housing smooth, which I do to the best of my ability. However I have no control over improper cool down of the turbocharger.