MHI TDO6H Turbine Wheel – 9 Blade vs 11 Blade

TDO6H Turbine Wheel 11 Bladetdo6h turbine wheel 9 blade

We Offer 11 Blade and 9 Blade MHI TDO6H Turbine Wheels.


  • 58.8mm x 67.2mm
  • Options: 9 Blade, 11 Blade, 12 Blade
  • 713 Inconel
  • Replacement for DSM Evo X FP Red, FP Black Turbine, MAP EF4 Evo X
  • Balanced and Ready to Install
  • 9 Blade is Light Weight and Flows More
  • 11 Blade is Heavier But More Commonly Used
TDO6H turbine wheel

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TDO6H 9 Blade  turbine wheel

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TDO5 TDO6 MHI 20g Compressor Housing + Wheel

tdo6 20g compressor housing and wheelHere is an Excellent “Do It Yourself” Upgrade Which well sell Separate and as a Package.

  • MHI 20g Compressor Housing + Compressor Wheel
  • Upgrade from 14b, 16g, 12a, Hahn racecraft, FP turbo (Anything MHI TDO5 TDO6)
  • 52.6mm x 68mm
  • Balanced and Ready To Install
  • 3″ Inlet TDO6 Compressor Housing
  • 2.25″ Outlet
  • 47.5 lb per min with TDO5H 12 Blade Turbine (49mm x 56mm) (400 hp Capable)
  • 51 lb per min with TDO6 12 Blade Turbine (55mm x 65mm (450 hp Capable)
20g Compressor Housing

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Note: If Upgrading a 14b, 12a, s16g, then Machining the Bearing Housing to 69mm is Required for the Compressor Wheel to Fit. (approx 20$ service at local machined shop)

Toyota Supra Land Cruiser CT26 Turbo Rebuild Kit

toyota ct26 turbo rebuild kit 2 We Sell Toyota Supra Land Cruiser CT26 Turbo Rebuild Kit

  • 360 degree Thrust Bearing
  • Fits Toyota Land Crusier and Supra
  • Upgraded CT26 Turbo Rebuild Kit
  • 6.5mm shaft bore



We Sell this Kit on Amazon Here:



Holset HX35 H1C Turbine Wheel Shaft

Holset HX35 Turbine Wheel ShaftWe have Replacement Turbine for Holset HX35 Turbine Wheel. 

  • 60mm x 70mm
  • Fits Holset HX35 and H1C
  • Balanced and Ready to Install
  • 7mm Shaft Bore
  • Factory Shaft Used in HX35/HX40 Hybrid
  • 713 Inconel




Holset HX35 Turbine Wheel

6.0 Powerstroke Powermax Billet Compressor Wheel

6.0 Powerstroke Billet Compressor Wheel We Sell 6.0 Powerstroke Powermax Billet Compressor Wheel. 

  • Fits 6.0 Powerstroke GT3782VAS (GT37VAS) (Machining is Required)
  • 63.5mm x 88mm x 94mm
  • We Offer the Best Price Online Gauranteed
  • Compressor Wheel is Balanced and Ready to Install
    • 63.5 x 88 x 94 Billet Extended Tip Compressor Wheel
    • Light Weight Billet Compressor Wheel
    • 10% Increase In Flow Over Stock
    • Balanced and Ready To Install
    • For 6.0 l Diesel Truck GT3782VA Upgrade
    • Machining Compressor Plate, Compressor Housing is Required (we offer this service for $120.


6.0 Powerstroke Powermax Billet Compressor Wheel

Turbo Rebuild Kits

Search Our Ebay Store For Turbo Rebuild Kits:

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If We Dont have the Turbo Rebuild kits that your are looking for, then contact us at

We supply turbo rebuild kits for:

T2 T22 T25 T28 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo Rebuild Kit

Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo Rebuild kit

We offer 360 Degree Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo Rebuild Kits. Our T2 Rebuild Kit fits The Z32 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo 1989 to 2000.  This kit also fits:

  • 300zx z32 T22
  • SR20DET T25 T28
  • DSM 95 to 99 Eclipse GST T25
  • Nissan Silvia S14 S15 T25 T28
  • FP T28


Nissan 300zx twin turbo rebuild kit





Audi B5 S4 A6 2.7t KO4 Turbo Upgrade

audi b5 s4 turbo upgrade 2At Turbo Lab We Have machined the Audi B5 S4 Turbos for the 40mm ko4 compressor wheels and KO4 44.5 x 50 turbine wheels. However Most people that want a turbo Upgrade want it Now! I found a Quicker Solution for People That Just Can’t Wait.  Check out the Audi B5 S4 A6 2.7t KO4 Turbo Upgrade Options!



This Is a Reasonably Priced 40mm Turbo Upgrade You may want to Consider. Check it out here:

Audi B5 S4 Turbo upgrade



There Is also a Larger Turbo Upgrade, but I think it is over priced. This Upgrade has the larger 42mm billet wheels though.

audi s4 turbo upgrade









Audi S4 Turbo upgrade

Garrett GT1544v Repair Kit

Garrett GT15 Turbo Rebuild Kit

Garrett GT1544v Turbo Rebuild Kit Details:





 Garrett GT15 GT17 GT22 GT25 Turbo Rebuild Kit 

  • 360 Degree Machined from Copper Bar Thrust Bearing
  • Stationary Journal Bearing
  • (5) Turbine Housing Bolts
  • (4) Compressor Plate to Bearing Housing Bolts
  • (6) Compressor Housing Bolts
  • (2) Bearing Retaining Clips
  • (2) Front Piston Ring Seals (2 Different types for different models)
  • (1) Rear Piston Ring Seal (same for all models)
  • (4) Compressor Housing Orings (4 different Models)
  • (1) Compressor Plate O-ring
  • (3) Thrust Collars (Different Collars for Different model turbos)
  • (1) Thrust Washer

Garrett GT1544v Rebuild Kit

This Rebuild Kit Includes all of the necessary Parts to Rebuild any of the GT15 GT17 GT18 GT20 GT22 GT25  Turbochargers!
Garrett GT15 Turbo Rebuild Kit
Garrett GT1544V Turbo Rebuild Kit
Garrett GT1749V Turbo Rebuild kit
Garrett GT1849V Turbo Rebuild Kit
Garrett GT2056V Turbo Rebuild Kit
Garrett GT2052V Turbo Rebuild Kit
Garrett GT2554V Turbo Rebuild Kit
GT1544v Repair Kit
GT1749V Repair Kit
GT1849V Repair Kit
GT1852V Repair Kit
GT2056 Repair Kit
GT2052 Repair Kit
GT2256 Repair Kit
GT2260 Repair Kit
GT2556 Repair Kit
GT2560 Repair Kit
Fits These Cars (but not limited To)
Passat 1.9 TDI
Jetta TDI Turbo Rebuild Kit
Jeep Liberty Turbo Diesel
Mercedes Benz Turbo Diesel
Saab Turbo Diesel

Garrett GT3071R GT3076R Turbine Wheel

GT3076R Turbine Wheel ShaftWe Sell New Garrett GT3071R and GT3076R Turbine Wheels. The GT3071R had options for: 51mm x 55mm turbine. 53mm x 56mm turbine, and 55mm x 60mm Turbine Wheel. 

This Turbine is 55mm x 60mm and it fits the GT3076R and GT3071R turbochargers.

Please Measure your GT3071R Turbine Wheel To Make sure that this is the Turbine Wheel That You Need.





Garrett GT3071R GT3076R Turbine Wheel



Garrett GT3071R GTX3071R GT3076R GTX3076R Turbine Wheel Shaft

  • Garrett 55mm x 60mm Ball Bearing Turbine Wheel
  • For Genuine Garrett Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger
  • 10 blades
  • Balanced, But VSR Cartridge Balancing after Install is Recommended
  • 6.35mm Shaft Bore
  • Staggered Journals for Genuine Garrett Ball Bearing Cage 
  • 713 Inconel
  • Common Turbine Used in GT3071R GTX3071R GT3076R GTX3076R
  • Also Used In Slowboy Racing GT12 GT14 Turbos (Be sure to Measure Your Turbine Shaft)
  • 2 to 3 day shipping
  • Overnight Shipping Avaliable