Garrett GT35R Turbo Rebuild Kit

Garrett GT35R Turbo Rebuild Kit

Garrett GT35R Turbo Rebuild KitWe Now Sell Ceramic Dual Ball Bearing Garrett GT35R Turbo Rebuild Kits.



Here are the Details of This Rebuild Kit:

  • For Geniune GT35r TurboCharger
  • Ceramic Dual Ball Bearing Cage + Pin
  • Front Piston Ring Seal (Compressor Side)
  • Rear Piston Ring Seal (Turbine Shaft Side)
  • Compressor Plate O-ring Seal
  • Front Seal Plate O-ring Seal
  • Front Seal Plate
  • Screws for Front Seal Plate
  • TO4S TO4B Compressor Housing Plates
  • New Heat Sheild
  • Fits GT35R and GTX3582R
  • If you Don’t Feel Comfortable Doing the Rebuild Then Watch The Video Below. ┬áIf you Still Don’t Feel Comfortable, and You want to Send the Turbo To Us, then Contact Us Here.

NOTE: This Rebuild Kit Also Works with the GT2860R, GT2871R, GT3071R, GT3076R, but the Heat shield is Different. Im Currently out of Stock for the Heat Shield for These Models, but I Will have them Soon. However I have Plenty of the Heatshields for the GT35R Rebuild Kit in the Picture.

If you Would Like to Purchase this Rebuild Kit we Sell the Rebuild Kit Here:
GT35R Turbo Rebuild Kit

We Also Have and GT3071R Rebuild Video Here:



9 thoughts on “Garrett GT35R Turbo Rebuild Kit

  1. Adrian Dalton

    Hi there I would like to order a Garret GT3582R Turbo Rebuild Kit Ceramic Dual Ball Bearing

    If you could invoice me ,I will pay via credit card and ship to Aria Resort & Casino,Las Vegas

    Adrian Dalton
    (South Africa)

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  6. chirac tcha

    Can you rebuild my force performance hta82 aka gt3582r billet wheel turbo for me? I took out the cartridge apart and all the little ball bearing fell out into my drain in my garage.. so turbo had been sitting for awhile… let me know if you can do a rebuild and balance it? I can ship you the turbo asap. Let me know your price. Thanks!

  7. Dave yap

    Im lookomg to refresh my garrett gt30 the cartridge number is 700177-5023s Im not looking to replace the ball bearings just the other seal do you have a kit without the ball bearings

  8. Jason

    So I’ve done some research, and found that Garrett will only send a replacement cartridge/center assembly with turbines attached. Keep being told you can’t rebuild a gt35r .70ar? What’s the catch? Keep hearing “what do the rebuild do at high rev or full spool”.

    1. Austin Post author

      Garrett Doesn’t Sell a Rebuild Kit for Their Ball Bearing Turbochargers, They Only Sell Cartridges, we Give People the Option to have their Turbo Rebuilt Without Having To Buy a New Cartridge. We do the Rebuild as a Service and we also sell the Rebuild Kit.


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