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Precision 6262 vs GT35R

Precision 6262 vs GT35R


6262 GT35R Hybrid Details:

  • Ball Bearing Cage Comparison Difference (PTE GT37r GT40r GT42r Cage VS GT35R Cage)
  • Spool time differences 500 RPM Faster for the GT35R Cage
  • HP Rating are Relatively the same for GT35R and 6262
  • GT35R 6262 Hybrid uses 6262 Compressor Wheel Machined from 5mm superback to 2mm superback to work with Ball bearing Cartridge. Turbine Housing Machined for Ball Bearing Cartridge.

Products Shown in this turbo build:


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6262 Journal Bearing Turbo Rebuild Parts (Not Shown, Not used in this build):



PTE Precision 6262 Turbine Wheel Shaft

PTE 6262 turbine wheel
We Sell Replacement Precision 6262 Turbine Wheel (PTE 6262 Turbine)

PTE 6262 Turbine Shaft / Garrett T350 Stage 5 Turbine Wheel Shaft 62.35mm x 68mm

  • For PTE Journal Bearing and Some Ball Bearing 6262 PTE Turbo Chargers
  • aka Garrett T350 Turbine Wheel
  • 62.35mm x 68mm
  • 134mm Length
  • Balanced and Ready to Install for Journal Bearing Turbos (You Should balance with Compressor Wheel for Ball Bearing Application)
  • Not for GT35R Ball Bearing
  • For GT35 Journal Bearing that use Compressor nut
  • 6.35mm Shaft Bore
  • 713 Inconel
  • 10 Blades

Precision 6262 turbine wheel