PTE Precision 6262 Turbine Wheel Shaft

PTE 6262 turbine wheel
We Sell Replacement Precision 6262 Turbine Wheel (PTE 6262 Turbine)

PTE 6262 Turbine Shaft / Garrett T350 Stage 5 Turbine Wheel Shaft 62.35mm x 68mm

  • For PTE Journal Bearing and Some Ball Bearing 6262 PTE Turbo Chargers
  • aka Garrett T350 Turbine Wheel
  • 62.35mm x 68mm
  • 134mm Length
  • Balanced and Ready to Install for Journal Bearing Turbos (You Should balance with Compressor Wheel for Ball Bearing Application)
  • Not for GT35R Ball Bearing
  • For GT35 Journal Bearing that use Compressor nut
  • 6.35mm Shaft Bore
  • 713 Inconel
  • 10 Blades

Precision 6262 turbine wheel





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