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Borg Warner S475 Turbo Rebuild Kit

Borg Warner S475 Turbo Rebuild Kit Instructions

Here is a Video Tutorial to Show You How to Rebuild Your Borg Warner S400 Series Turbo.

You Can Buy Our S400 Rebuild Kit Here.


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Garrett PTE Turbo Ball Bearing Turbo Not Rebuildable Myth

Garrett PTE Turbo Ball Bearing Turbo Not Rebuildable Myth

Here Are all of My Thoughts on the Topic “Ball Bearing Turbos are Not Rebuildable Myth”

  • 10 Years ago Ball Bearing Rebuild Parts Were Difficult to Find
  • Now Days Parts are Widely Accessible
  • All Ball Bearing Rebuild Parts can Be Bought But Sometimes it can Take longer to Get it, in some Cases Some Parts are rare and it just Depends How Long you are Will to wait for it.

In this Video I mention Many Ball Bearing Parts That I Keep in Stock for My builds and Customers build. Here are a few Parts that I keep in Stock.

Watch My Video Of Rebuilding Ball Bearing Turbos:

Garrett GT4088R GT4094R Turbo Rebuild

Garrett GT4088R Turbo Rebuild

If You Need the Parts to Rebuild Your GT4088R or GT4094R Turbo, You Can Contact Us for Those Parts.


  • Piston Ring Seals are The Same as Powerstroke GT37VAS GT3788VA
  • Bearing Housing Oring and Bolts are the Same as Powerstroke GT37VAS GT3788VA
  • Thrust Collar Measurement is very similar to Powerstoke 360 Degree Thrust Collar, But the Height is Different: 14.75mm is the GT4088R Thrust Collar and Powerstroke Collar is 16.05mm Otherwise They are Basically the Same.
  • Ball Bearing Cage is the for GT37R, GT40R, GT42R.

BMW 135i 535i 335i Turbo Wastegate Rattle Repair Fix

BMW 135i 335i 535i Turbo Wastegate Rattle Repair Fix 

BMW 135i Wastegate Rattle Repair BMW Wastegate Rattle Repair BMW 335i Wastegate Repair bmw 535i Wastegate Rattle Fix

BMW N54 135i 335i 535i Wastegate Rattle Repair

  • 2007 + 135i 335i 535i Wastegate Rattle Repair Parts
  • Includes Repair Parts for 2 Turbine Housings:
  • 2 Flapper Arms
  • 2 Flapper Bushings
  • 2 Flapper Tabs
  • Fix Wastegate Wear, Which Causes Lose of Power and Loss of Boost
  • Fixes Common Wastegate Rattle
  • Welding Flapper Tab On Arm Required
  • I also offer the Repair Service
  • Please Watch My Video On The Tutorial to install These Parts. (I still have to make the video because im waiting on 2 turbine housing to come in for repair)
  • Expect video in a few days around 1/1/16
  • Learn How To Rebuild BMW 135i 335i 535i Turbos Here

BMW 135i 535i 335i Wastegate Rattle Repair Fix DIY

VW MK4 GTI Jetta Beetle 1.8T KO4 K04 Turbo Upgrade

VW MK4 GTI Jetta Beetle 1.8T KO4 K04 Turbo Upgrade

  • 42 x 56 KO4 K04 Compressor Wheel Upgrade
  • 44.5 x 50 KO4 K04 Turbine Wheel Upgrade
  • KO4 K04 Upgraded Turbo Rebuild Kit
  • Compressor Housing Machining
  • Compressor Plate Machining
  • Turbine Housing Machining
  • Contact Us for This Service

Turbo Upgrade for:

  • VW Jetta 1.8T Turbo Upgrade (not 2.0t, Though a larger upgrade can be offered)
  • VW GTI MK4 1.8T Turbo Upgrade
  • VW Beetle 1.8T Turbo Upgrade
  • Jetta GLI 1.8t

This Turbo Upgrade is an Option for other KO3 KO4 Turbos Such As :

(however we offer a Larger Upgrade for the Turbos Below)(50mm x 62 x 65 5 blade billet compressor wheel and 44.5 x 50 9 blade K04 Turbine Wheel)

  • Pontiac Solitice / Saturn Sky
  • VW Passatt, Audi A4, Audi S4
  • Cobalt SS
  • Mazda Speed 3
  • Mazda CX-7
  • and More!

This is Not an Upgrade for Turbo Diesel.


PTE Precision 6262 Turbine Wheel Shaft

PTE 6262 turbine wheel
We Sell Replacement Precision 6262 Turbine Wheel (PTE 6262 Turbine)

PTE 6262 Turbine Shaft / Garrett T350 Stage 5 Turbine Wheel Shaft 62.35mm x 68mm

  • For PTE Journal Bearing and Some Ball Bearing 6262 PTE Turbo Chargers
  • aka Garrett T350 Turbine Wheel
  • 62.35mm x 68mm
  • 134mm Length
  • Balanced and Ready to Install for Journal Bearing Turbos (You Should balance with Compressor Wheel for Ball Bearing Application)
  • Not for GT35R Ball Bearing
  • For GT35 Journal Bearing that use Compressor nut
  • 6.35mm Shaft Bore
  • 713 Inconel
  • 10 Blades

Precision 6262 turbine wheel



Holset HX35 H1C Turbine Wheel Shaft

Holset HX35 Turbine Wheel ShaftWe have Replacement Turbine for Holset HX35 Turbine Wheel. 

  • 60mm x 70mm
  • Fits Holset HX35 and H1C
  • Balanced and Ready to Install
  • 7mm Shaft Bore
  • Factory Shaft Used in HX35/HX40 Hybrid
  • 713 Inconel




Holset HX35 Turbine Wheel

Garrett GT3071R GT3076R Turbine Wheel

GT3076R Turbine Wheel ShaftWe Sell New Garrett GT3071R and GT3076R Turbine Wheels. The GT3071R had options for: 51mm x 55mm turbine. 53mm x 56mm turbine, and 55mm x 60mm Turbine Wheel. 

Part Number: 700382-5012S and 700382-5020S

This Turbine is 55mm x 60mm and it fits the GT3076R and GT3071R turbochargers.

Please Measure your GT3071R Turbine Wheel To Make sure that this is the Turbine Wheel That You Need.



Buy Garrett GT3071R GT3076R Turbine Wheel Here:


Garrett GT3071R GT3076R Turbine Wheel



Garrett GT3071R GTX3071R GT3076R GTX3076R Turbine Wheel Shaft

  • Garrett 55mm x 60mm Ball Bearing Turbine Wheel
  • For Genuine Garrett Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger
  • 10 blades
  • Balanced, But VSR Cartridge Balancing after Install is Recommended
  • 6.35mm Shaft Bore
  • Staggered Journals for Genuine Garrett Ball Bearing Cage 
  • 713 Inconel
  • Common Turbine Used in GT3071R GTX3071R GT3076R GTX3076R
  • Also Used In Slowboy Racing GT12 GT14 Turbos (Be sure to Measure Your Turbine Shaft)
  • 2 to 3 day shipping
  • Overnight Shipping Avaliable

Garrett GT35R GT3582R Turbine Wheel Shaft

garrett gt35r turbine wheelWe Sell Garrett GT35R GT3582R Turbine Wheel Shafts:

Genuine Garrett GT3582R Turbine Shaft + Wheel

  • 713 Inconel
  • 62.35mm x 68mm
  • 10 blades
  • Balanced, But VSR Cartridge Balancing after Install is Recommended
  • 6.35mm Shaft Bore
  • Staggered Journals for Geniune Garrett Ball Bearing Cage

*Early Model PTE Ball Bearing Turbos used this Turbine Shaft,.
*Later Model PTE Turbos use a Stage 5 T350 Journal Bearing Turbine and GT40R Ball bearing Cage in Their Ball Bearing 6262.


Garrett GT35R Turbine Wheel

Turbonetics 62-1 Turbo Rebuild Upgrade

Im not a Fan of the Turbonetics 62-1 Single Ball Bearing. It really makes no sense to me, Why Someone Would Make a Turbo Like that. Luckily i can Machine the Compressor Housing to us a Garrett GTX3582R Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger.

Here are the 2 Best Options I Can Offer for This Turbo Build:

  • GTX3582R Rated at 700 Hp (Dual Ball Bearing)
  • 6765 Rated at 950 HP (Journal Bearing Only)