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Garrett GT4088R GT4094R Turbo Rebuild

Garrett GT4088R Turbo Rebuild

If You Need the Parts to Rebuild Your GT4088R or GT4094R Turbo, You Can Contact Us for Those Parts.


  • Piston Ring Seals are The Same as Powerstroke GT37VAS GT3788VA
  • Bearing Housing Oring and Bolts are the Same as Powerstroke GT37VAS GT3788VA
  • Thrust Collar Measurement is very similar to Powerstoke 360 Degree Thrust Collar, But the Height is Different: 14.75mm is the GT4088R Thrust Collar and Powerstroke Collar is 16.05mm Otherwise They are Basically the Same.
  • Ball Bearing Cage is the for GT37R, GT40R, GT42R.