4 thoughts on “Turbo Lab Holset HX40 67mm Turbo Upgrade!

  1. Reginald Clark

    I have a 94 300zx. Building a single turbo kit. Need a compact inexpensive turbo that is capable of putting 500 hp to the ground. Saw your vid of the ebay GT35R conversion. Will this do the trick, type of lag,cost, reliability. Cost wise what else do you have in that I have described in the $600-$800 range. (Closer to 6-7) Let me know what you think would be best. Needs to be pretty compact, not much space to work with. Thanks

  2. david ortiz

    what is the price of the Turbo Lab Holset HX40 67mm Turbo Upgrade.price with a core and price without a core….

  3. Derek perry

    Hey looking to get an hx35 upgrade for a 99 dodge cummins 64mm turbine.. And rebuild kit I’ll send to you. I have a hx40 down pipe I want to use as Well. Wondering if this was possible to do.


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