Holset HX35 HX40 Bearing Housing

Holset HX35 HX40 Bearing Housing4 Reasons Why a Holset HX35 HX40 Bearing Housing Need To Be Replaced:

  • Rusted So Bad that the Turbine Clamps No Longer Retain the Bearing Housing To the Turbine Housing
  • Oil Contamination Which Leads to Scaring and
  • Excessive Shaft Play, Rear Seal Area Will No Longer Allow the Seal To Stay Compressed
  • The Compressor Housing No Longer Seals And You Need an O-ring


HX40 Turbo Upgrade

67mm HX40 Bearing Housing Machined for O-ring

If You Need to Purchase a Bearing Housing, You can Buy From Our Ebay Store in the Link Below, But You Need to Leave a Note In the Purchase Order of the Exducer Size of the Compressor Wheel.

Holset HX35 HX40 Bearing Housing 2




One thought on “Holset HX35 HX40 Bearing Housing

  1. Shawn Robertson

    Hi I am interested in upgrading my hx35w turbo I would like to know what parts you have that I can install an won’t need machining an or If you have the machined parts for sale as well……. I am looking to make it spool faster as well as to raise the hp rating on the turbo


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