Holset H1C H1E Turbo Compressor Upgrade

For The Holset H1E and H1C, There are a Lot of Upgrades, But It is Important To Understand That The Most Important Upgrade is Our Rebuild Kit Which Prevents Common Thrust Bearing Issues. You Can Find More Information About Our Rebuild Kits Here.


Next You Must Understand That The Compressor Plate for the H1C H1E Turbos Can Be Machined to Use the HX35 HX40 Thrust Collar, Which Allows You to Run the HX35 HX40 Compressor Wheel Upgrades Below:

Here are a List of the Compressor and Turbine Upgrades:

Billet Compressor Wheels

Turbine Shaft Upgrades

  • 60 x 70 (Factory H1C HX35 Turbine)
  • 64 x 76 (12 Blade and 10 Blade Turbine) (Most Common H1E Turbine)
  • 67 x 76 (12 Blade and 10 Blade Turbine) (Some Were from H1E’s from Factory)

NOTE: Machining Is Required for all of the Compressor Wheel Upgrades for the H1C, but for the H1E 60 x 83 Compressor Housing, The 60 x 86 4015c Billet Wheel Is a Direct Drop In After the Compressor Plate is Machined for the HX35 HX40 Thrust Collar, and the Collar Must Be Use in the Build. This Makes for a Super Easy and Cost Effective Upgrade!

These Upgrade Also Work for the HX35 HX40 HE341and HE351!

If You would Like Machining, Rebuild, or Upgrade Services Then Contact Us Here.

If You Are Looking for the Parts Mentioned Above To Build Your Turbo Then Visit Our Ebay Store Here:

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6 thoughts on “Holset H1C H1E Turbo Compressor Upgrade

  1. Travis

    Just wanted to see when you guys can do some machining for an he351? Would like both housings, rebuild kit, and not sure on wheel choices yet. Also cost? Thanks!

    1. Austin Post author

      We do the HE351 upgrades for $650, including the compressor wheel options of 62 x 86 x 90, 64 x 90 x 94, 67 x 89 x 95. Turbine wheel options are 60 x 70 hx35, 64 x 76 hx40 10 or 12 blade, and 67 x 76 10 or 12 blade. We usually go with the largest shaft even with the factory 60mm compressor wheel to make up for the small turbine housing. If you wanted to we can just do the machining for 120 x 2= 240 (compressor housing and turbine housing)+ bearing housing $20. 260$ for machining total, then you can buy all the individual parts from our online store. The cost may come out to about the same, but some people do want to do it that way. here is our video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm7dG4uE_28

      1. Travis

        Thanks for getting back to me Austin. If you do the rebuild along with the machining do I send you my he351 complete? Is there anything I need to do for ya, or just send it? Also what’s the best way to get this started… phone call, email, text? I will be ready to ship it next week. Thanks again!

  2. Neil Foe

    I have a 2.4l 08 Dodge Caliber srt4 tht I am going to run a holset h1c on. What do recommend up grading on this turbo to make 600hp thanks for your time

    1. Austin Post author

      You are better off picking up and HX40 7 blade 60 x 86, then you could run one of our custom Turbine Housings to save Space and weight.


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