60mm X 86mm HX40 PRO Billet Compressor Wheel

Holset HX40 Billet WheelThis is a Direct Replacement for the HX40 6 blade 60 x 86mm Compressor wheel but not the 7 blade because the compressor housing would have to be machined because this wheel is a little taller (6mm Tip Height).

This Wheels Part Number is 4016C. The 4015C is a Direct Replacement for a 7 blade HX40 60 x 86 Compressor Wheel.

  • 6mm Tip Height
  • 60 x 86 Billet 7 Blade
  • Direct Replacement for 60 x 86 Blade Compressor Wheel
  • Light Weight 127 Grams
  • Fast Spooling
  • 700+ HP Capable
  • If Using 7 Blade Compressor Housing Minimal Machining Required.
  • Balanced and Ready To Install

You Can Purchase 4016C Here:

hx40 6 blade billet compressor wheelNote: If you Need the Direct Replacement Billet Compressor Wheel for an HX40 7 Blade Compressor Housing You Can Purchase that Here.

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