Subaru WRX Turbo Upgrade

Subaru WRX Turbo Upgrade

This is Our Subaru Wrx turbo Upgrade option for the Factory Turbochager, you must Provide a Core Turbo For This Service. We do the TDO4HL Upgrade For $550 (50x62x65 bcw and 45 52 9 Blade TW).

Here are Larger Turbo Upgrade Options That We Build Brand New.

Subaru STI, Legacy GT, WRX Turbo Upgrade Options

We Also Build Larger Turbos 16g, 20g, and Larger For $650 without Wastegate or set up for External Wastegate and $700 with an Internal Wastegate Actuator. (You do not have to provide a core turbo for the 20g turbos or larger, we build new units.)

  • 16g 48.3mm x 68mm compressor wheel / tdo5h 12 or 9 Blade Turbine Wheel 375-400hp
  • 18g 50 x 68mm compressor wheel / tdo5h 12 or 9 Blade Turbine Wheel 400-425hp
  • 20g 52.6mm x 68mm / tdo5h 12 or 9 Blade Turbine Wheel / TDO6SL2/TDO6/TDO6H 400-450hp

TDO6, TDO6sl2, TDO6H Series ($800 without Wastegate Actuator $850 With) 

  • 56 x 76 x 79  7+7 Blade Billet Compressor Wheel /TDO6, TDO6SL2, or TDO6 500hp
  • 58 x76 x 80  11 blade GTX3076r Compressor Wheel / TDO6H Turbine 550hp+
  • 60.27 x 82 x 83  7+7 Blade Billet Compressor Wheel / TDO6H 9 blade 600hp+
  • 60.5 x 78 x 83 5+5, 6+6, or 11 blade 25g Billet Compressor Wheel / TDO6H 9 blade 600hp+

Turbine Wheel Upgrade Options:

  • TDO5H 49mm x 56mm 12 or 9 blade
  • TDO6SL2 54mm x 61mm 11 or 9 blade
  • TDO6 55mm x 65mm 12 blade
  • TDO6H 58.8 x 67.2 11, 9 blade unclipped, 9 blade clipped (I recommend 9 blade clipped or unclipped because it’s 100 grams lighter than the 11 blade)

Contact Us For a Turbo Build:

JB4 N55 For Sale

JB4 N55 For Sale from Burger Tuning.

Jb4 n55 for sale

Buy jb4 for n55 2011 – 2013 E series (Harness A)

Jb4 n55 for sale e series


Buy JB4 for n55 2011 – 2013 E Series (Harness B)

Jb4 n55 for sale e series harness b

Buy jb4 for n55 2014 F Series (electronic actuator) 135i 335i 435i 535i, 635i

Jb4 n55 for sale


  • Add up to 60hp to the wheels (80hp crank) on a completely stock car
  • Add up to 100hp to the wheels (120hp crank) on a fully modified car
  • The JB4 features a simple plug and play installation harness for easy installation and includes many features not found on any other tune. Including the ability to enable/disable the tuning from the drivers seat, gear dependent boost control to help with traction, ethanol and racing fuel support, built in diagnostic code reading/deleting, free firmware updates, and much more.
  • JB4 does not require any additional modifications or previous stages.
  • Simply install the JB4 as your first and only modification and enjoy an entirely new fast and smooth racing experience.
  • The JB4 also does not require any user setup or customization but for more advanced enthusiasts the BMS DATA cable allows you to connect via a laptop for data logging and free software updates.
  • Note JB4_F30 shipments as of 11/15/2014 include the FlexFuel add on connector. This no longer needs to be purchased separately for these models. Also note the EWG add on connector remains optional and can be purchased separately for higher HP applications where direct EWG control is required. F Series N55 JB4 Applications: BMW 1 Series • 2013+ N55 BMW F20 1M LHD BMW 2 Series • 2014+ N55 BMW F22/F23 M235i BMW 3 Series • 2012+ N55 BMW F30 F31 335i/ix BMW 4 Series • 2014+ F32 F33 F36 435i / 435ix BMW 5 Series • 2011+ N55 BMW F10 F11 535i/ix • 2010+ N55 BMW F07 535i/ix GT BMW 6 Series • 2011+ N55 BMW F12 F13 640i/ix • 2011+ N55 BMW F06 640i/ix Gran Coupe

JB4 N54 For Sale

JB4 N54 For Sale

Add 80hp + to the wheels (100hp crank) on a completely stock car, up to 160hp + to the wheels on factory turbos, or up to 350hp + to the wheels on a fully modified car with larger turbos. The JB4 includes a simple plug and play installation harness and is compatible with all ECU versions and transmission types. It’s everything you need to take your N54 powered vehicle from mild to wild! In addition to several performance maps which can be selected “on the fly” right from the drivers seat.

The JB4 Includes:

  • 100% stock bypass map
  • a valet mode
  • ethanol fuel (E85) support
  • progressive water/methanol injection support
  • racing fuel map
  • an auto tuning map that adjusts the JB4 mapping to your current climate, octane, vehicle condition, and modifications continuously,
  • an rpm by rpm user adjustable map
  • include optional in dash gauges for boost and other engine parameters, a programmable shift light, on the fly adjustable torque limiting to aid with launches at the track, an optional 2STEP rev limiter & no lift shifting for manual transmission cars, an optional speed delimiter, and much more.

Jb4 n54 for sale

Remember the JB4 does not require any additional modifications or previous stages. Simply install the JB4 as your first and only modification and enjoy an entirely new fast and smooth racing experience. As you decide to modify your car further the JB4 is setup to grow with your vehicle. Whether you’re racing a 100% OEM car on pump gas or a 700whp single turbo drag queen, the JB4 has the perfect mix of performance, features, flexibility, and support to ensure your car performs to the best of its potential!

6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Not Working

6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Not Working

If Your Powerstroke Turbo Is Not Working, Let Me Help You Diagnose the Problem. Is Your Turbo Blowing Oil Past the Seals Causing the Engine Exhaust to Burn Oil Out the Tailpipe, If so You will see White Smoke With a Blue Tint. The Exhaust Will Smell like Burning OIl and Not like Diesel Fuel.  Your Blue White Smoke Condition Can Go Away When The Engine Warms Up.  If Your Turbo Is Leaking Oil, then it Needs a Rebuild and Needs to Be Replaced.

2005 6.0 Powerstroke turbo problems


6.0 Powerstoke turbo not working

If The Turbo Takes a long time to Build Boost, But Makes Great Power in Higher RPM, then the VGT System Needs to Be Cleaned. It is Necessary To Blast the turbine housing, Bearing Housing, and VGT Parts To Fix This Problem. The Reason Why the VGT System Sticks, is because The Bearing Housing Rusts and Makes the Unison Ring Stick To The Bearing Housing Which Will Not Allow the Turbo to Build Boost Effiecently. The Vanes can be Stuck In Open Position for High RPM or Closed Postion for Low RPM. If Stuck In Open Position the Turbo will Take a Long Time To Spool Up, But the Turbo will Perform Great At Higher RPM. If the VGT Is Stuck In Closed Position, then the Turbo Will Spool Up Fast But it will Run Out of Power at Higher RPM.  If You Have This Problem, then the VGT System Needs a Good Cleaning, I recommend Sand Blasting in a Professional Media Blasting Cabinent with a Vacuum Filtration System, Then Painting to Prevent Rust.

You Have 2 Options, You Can Rebuild Your Turbo Or Buy a New 6.0 Powerstroke Turbo. Here “6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Rebuild” You can Learn How to Rebuild The Powerstroke 6.0 Turbo. And Here You can Buy a New 6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Replacement.

6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Replacement

Here is a new 6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Replacement

Turbo – NEW Stock Replacement – 6.0L Powerstroke 2005.5-2007 – Garrett GT3782VA


  • Brand New 6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Replacement $700
  • Not Remanufacured
  • Fixes Burning Oil Problem (blue white smoke out the exhaust)
  • Fixes Turbo Spool Problem (VGT vanes and unison ring stick open and caused by rust in turbine housing) (VGT vanes stuck high rpm mode)
  • Fixes No High Engine RPM Power (Vanes Stuck in Closed Position)
  • Get It Quickly Down Time To Waste on Turbo Rebuild, Buy New!

Click Below to Buy 2003 6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Replacement:


Click Below to Buy 2004- 2005.5 Powerstroke 6.0 Turbo:


Click Below to Buy 2005.5  – 2007 Powerstroke 6.0 Turbo:



Click Below To Buy Powermax Turbo Upgrade:


Notes: Turbo Differences:

  • 2003 6.0 Powerstroke Specs: 59 X 82 Compressor 66.6 X 72.10 10 Blade Turbine (Has Taller turbine wheel tip height, makes machining required to install turbine in other model turbine housing, vanes are taller and not compatible with other year turbine housings) (2004.5+ has an additional mount on the turbine housing to mount to the pedestal, the 2003 Turbo Doesn’t have This Mount Cast Into The Turbine Housing)
  • 2004 – 2005.5 59×82 Compressor 66.6 X 72 Turbine 13 Blade
  • 2005.5 – 2007 56 x82 Compressor 64.5 X 72 Turbine 13 Blade
  • 2004.5-2007 Powermax Turbo Upgrade 63.5 X 88 GT4088 Compressor Wheel and 2003 66.6 X 72.10 10 Blade Turbine Wheel 175 hp gain without loss of spool.

6.0 Powerstoke Turbo Rebuild 2003 – 2007

If You would rather spend time rebuilding you turbo and less money you can watch my 6.0 Powerstroke turbo rebuild tutorial video and buy our rebuild kit.

We Also Sell Powerstroke Turbo Upgrade Parts that do Require Machining, We Do Upgrade Powerstroke Turbos But it is a Time Consuming Process Which I Dont Recommend Unless you can Afford 3-4 Weeks Down time.


Holset HX35 Compressor Wheel

Holset HX35 Compressor Wheel

Holset Hx35 compressor wheel

  •  54mm x 78 mm 7 blade Hx35 Compressor Wheel
  • Fits HX35, HX35W, HY35, some HE341(some have 54 X 78 cw and some 56 x78 7 blade)
  • Balanced and Ready To Install
  • Does Not Fit as replacement for Hx35 8 blade 56 X 82
  • Does not Fit HE341 56 X 78 7 blade

Hx35 compressor Wheel


Best Intercooler for GTR R35

Best Intercooler for GTR R35

best intercooler for r35

The Alpha R35 GT-R Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) is one of the best performing and best looking intercooler upgrades you can buy for the Nissan GT-R and it has numerous 9 second time slips to back it up. This is the same durable, race-proven front mount intercooler used on our Alpha 9 GT-R package and is most effective for GT-Rs producing up to 1000HP.

Alpha Peformance Race Front Mount Intercooler (Alpha Badge)gtr r35 intercooler

This direct bolt-on intercooler has over 75% more internal flow area than its stock counterpart, works with stock piping and does not require any cutting or trimming! This intercooler bolts on so nice and clean you would swear it was an OEM Nissan piece!! To be used with STOCK OEM Upper Intercooler Piping.

BMW 135i 335i 535i N54 Wastegate Rattle Fix

BMW 135i 335i 535i N54 Wastegate Rattle Fix DIY 

Here is a Collection of Videos that I Made to Teach You How to Repair Your BMW N54 TDO3L Turbochargers.

Here is the BMW N54 Wastegate Rattle Problem:

BMW 335i 535i 135i X6 N54 Wastegate Repair: Bushing Removal Using Slide Hammer

The JB4 Tune Will Never Fix the Pivot Problem Caused By The Wear in the Bushing Arm. This Problem Can Be Fix. Some Say that it Can Be Fixed Permanently, But Im not so sure. We Do Sell a Rebuild Kit for this Problem. The Rebuild kit is Made of 304 Stainless Steel Just like the Original Material. Keep in Mind this was never a materials Problem, it is a design Problem with the long Travel Distance. BMW Does have a Updated Tune to Help Prevent this Problem, but Im not sure if it Permanently Fixes the Issue. I am Just Happy to be able to save people Money from Having to buy New turbos for about 1600$. We have saved Our customers over $500,000, Instead of Having to Replace the Turbos from the Dealership.

First Check to see if Your Car is Under Warranty with BMW 82,000 Miles and 8 Years. If Your Car is Not under Warranty, you have the Options of Buying New Turbos, Rebuilding them, or Having us Rebuild them for You. Here is Our Wastegate Flapper Repair Kit that You can Buy. Here is Our TDO3L Turbo Rebuild kits for the BMW N54.

BMW N54 535i, 335i, and 135i Turbos the Same?

Are BMW N54 535i, 335i, and 135i Turbos the Same? Here is the Difference In the BMW N54 135i, 335i, and 535i Turbos.

The Difference is that the Rear Turbo of the 535i has a Different Wastegate Actuator and Compressor Housing Which i was told is Designed to Clear the Firewall. The X6 Also Has a Difference, the Difference in the X6 N54 Turbos Is that the compressor housing and Wastegate is like the 535i, but the Compressor Housings have Plastic Inlets in Both Compressor Housings, Which Make it Difficult to Upgrade.

Check Out Our BMW N54 Turbo Rebuild and Upgrade Service.

Check Out our N54 Wastegate Rattle Repair

Buy Wastegate Rattle Repair Kit and TDO3 Turbo Rebuild kit

How Much Oil Pressure To Run to Your Turbo

How Much Oil Pressure To Run to Your Turbo

Learn How Much OIl Pressure Your Turbo Should See. The Most Common Problem with Turbochargers Blowing oil is the Oil Drain Being Too Small. The Normal Factory Size OIl Drain is 14mm – 20mm. When Making an Oil Drain for a Turbocharger, it is Important to have as Large of and Oil Drain Possible and never use a Restrictor in a Journal Bearing Turbocharger.

It is very Common for a Turbo to Leak oil out the Seals if the oil Drain is 12mm or Smaller. Try and Use a 16mm Inside Diameter OIl Drain Fitting and a 5/8″ Hose.

Often a Turbo can Leak oil if the OIl drain has the Following Problems:

  • Oil Drain Diameter Too Small
  • Oil Drain Angle too Sharp Making it Difficult for the OIl to Drain Properly
  • Oil Drain Clogged
  • Turbo Center Cartridge Angle too Steep. (Do Not Angle More than 15 Degrees in Either Direction)
  • Oil Level Too High Inside of the Turbo (If the OIl level is too High Inside the Turbo, the Oil can Leak out if the Oil Level is Simply Sitting too High in the Cartridge
  • If Oil Weight is Thinner than 10w 30, the Oil can Leak Out of the Turbo Seals Even When The Seals are Still Good.  Too Thin of Oil Weight Will Cause the Turbo to Wear Out Much Sooner, Use 10w 30 or Heavier Weight.