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Holset HX35 Turbine Housing Machining

Holset HX35 Turbine Housing Machining

At Turbo Lab we can Machine your HX35, H1C, or HX40 Turbine Housing to a larger Turbine Wheel. The Factory HX35 Turbine Wheel is 60mm x 70mm, and the Turbine Housing can be Machined to the HX40 64mm x 76mm and the HX40 67 mm x 76mm Turbine Wheel. Machining Your Turbine Housing for the Larger Turbine Wheel, will Help Lower EGTs, and Drive Pressure Significantly.

You Should Upgrade Your Turbine Wheel or Turbine Housing Size If you have Already Machined Your compressor Housing for an Hx40 60 x 86 Compressor Wheel or Larger. You need to use a Turbine Wheel in Sink with the Compressor Wheels Flow or close. The closer and Flow Rates the Compressor and Turbine Wheel are to each other the more Efficient your Turbo will be and the Faster It will Spool. If you use a 67 x 89 x 95 Billet Compressor Wheel then you Should use a 67mm x 76mm Turbine Wheel. If You use a 64mm x 76mm Turbine, You can Compensate by using a Larger Turbine Housing.

If You need us to Machine your HX35, H1C, or HX40 Turbine Housings, We can do that for You and we have all of our Programs on CNC.  You can Contact Us Here.

HE351 Exhaust Housing Upgrade

HE341 HE351 Exhaust Housing Upgrade



  • HE351 HE351CW HE341 Turbine Housing Upgrade
  • 67mm x 76mm HX40 Turbine Wheel + Turbine Housing
  • Reduce EGTs
  • Lower Drive Pressure
  • Increase Spool Up (because of 76mm exducer of turbine)
  • Brand New Turbine Housing
  • Direct Replacement of HE341 HE351 HE351 Turbine Housing
  • Great To Replace Old Cracked Turbine Housing and Prevent New Turbine Housing From Cracking by Using Larger Turbine Wheel to Reduce Exhaust Temperature

The HE351 HE351CW and HE341 All Have Problems with Excessive Hot EGTs in Towing Condition.  Our Turbine Housing and Turbine Wheel is Designed To Reduce Your EGTs as Much as 400 Degrees. One of Our Customers saw a 400 Degree Temperature Drop From 1600 Degrees to 1060 Degrees Fahrenheit in Towing Conditions Through the Mountains of Montana.

This Is the same Turbine Housing and Turbine Wheel, that we use in all of Our Upgrades for the HE351, HE351CW, and HE341. This Turbine Housing and Wheel Upgrade Is an Excellent Bolt on Upgrade for the HE351 and HE351CW Because the HE351 already has a 60 x 86 HX40 Compressor Wheel.

This Turbine Housing and Wheel Upgrade will Reduce Drive Pressure, Lower EGTs, Increase Fuel Economy, and Unleash up to 700 Horsepower (Dyno Proven with our 67x89x95 Billet Compressor Wheel In Combination with This Turbine Housing and Wheel)

Buy HE351 HE351CW HE341 Turbine Housing and 67mm Turbine Wheel:

HE351 Exhaust Housing Upgrade

Buy he351 67 mm turbine housing
Buy He351cw 67 x 76 turbine wheel shaft (machining factory turbine required )


  • He351 Turbine Housing
  • HE351CW Turbine Housing
  • Holset HE351 Exhaust Housing
  • HE351 Turbo Exhaust Housing
  • He351 Housing
  • HE351 Exhaust Housing Upgrade
  • HY35 Turbine Housing (will Fit HY35 Bearing Housing, but Will Not Fit HY35 Original Downpipe)

How To Do a Boost Leak Test

Here I Teach How to Do a Boost Leak Test. This Is the Most Important Thing to Know How to Do If You Own a Turbo Car.

If Your Turbo Vehicle Has a Boost Leak It is Rob You of Your Horsepower, Fuel Economy, and Can Potentially Cause You to Blow Up Your Engine by Burning a Valve, Running too Rich and Washing the Cylinders, and Blowing Your Headgasket from Throwing off Your Tune.

Boost Leaks Will Cause a Rich Condition, The Car can Also Experience Stalling, Rough and High Idle, Loss of Power, Bad Fuel Mileage, and Loss of Turbo Spool up. This is the Single Most Important Thing that You can Learn About Turbochargers.

Here is an Easy to Read Itemized List of Symptoms of Boost Leaks:

  • Vehicle Lacks Power and is Slow
  • Turbo is Very Laggy, (Spool Up is Slow)
  • Bad Gas Mileage
  • Rough Idle
  • High Idle
  • Engine Stalling

Make Sure You Buy The Appropriate Boost Leak Tester For Your Application. (1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″ etc)

Here are Some Boost Leak Testers Already Made that You can Purchase.

Common Leaks That You Cannot See Are Often Found In Conditions Like:

  • Corroded Intercooler Pipe
  • Corroded Intercooler (Common for DSM)
  • Not Properly Sealed Intercooler Core. ( I saw this on a New Jeep Liberty Turbo Diesel Once)
  • Leaking Blow Off Valve (Common with Greedy, Blitz, and Factory BOV)
  • Holes in Vacuum Lines
  • Broken Seal Intake Manifold Gaskets
  • Dry Rotted Fuel Injector Seals

Steps Too Boost Leak Testing Your Car:

  • Install Boost Leak Tester On TurboCharger Inlet
  • Fill Up Boost Leak Tester Tire Valve With Air Chuck Until You Reach Your Boost Level (25 psi+)
  • Spray Soapy Water All Over Charge Pipes, Vacuum Lines, and Where Every Boost May Go.
  • Search For Bubbles to find Leaks


2008 + Dodge Ram Cummins 6.7 VGT Turbo Upgrade Holset HE351VE

2008 + Dodge Ram Cummins 6.7 VGT Turbo Upgrade

2008 Dodge Ram Cummins 6.7 VGT turbo upgrade HE351VE. 67mm Compressor Wheel and 67mm Turbine Wheel Upgrade, (machining Required)

Parts Used in this Video:

6.7 HE351VE Turbo Rebuild Kit

67*89*95 Billet wheel used in video (machining required)

67mm x 70mm He351VE turbine Wheel Upgrade (machining required)

Billet Compressor Wheel Options:

HX40 4015c 60 x 86 x 90 Billet Compressor Wheel (Drop In wheel for HE351 HX40)

Machining Compressor Plate and Compressor Housing Required Below:

HX40 4016c 60 x 86 x 90 (6mm tip height) Billet Compressor Wheel

HX40 62.35 x 86 x 90 Billet Compressor Wheel

HX40 64 x 90 x 94 Billet Compressor Wheel

HX40 67 x 89 x 95 Billet Compressor Wheel

HX40 63 x 99 x 103 Billet Compressor wheel (hx50 Compressor Wheel for HX40 turbo)