Garrett GT37R Turbo Rebuild Upgrade

Garrett GT37R Turbo Rebuild Upgrade 

  • GT37R Turbine Wheel Replaced
  • T67 66.6 x 84 x 90 Drop In GT37R Billet Compressor Wheel Installed
  • TO4E Seals Replace From This Kit¬†(this whole kit wont be used, just the seals and compressor plate tabs.)
  • Contact us if you want to Know a cost estimate of fixing your GT37R



2 thoughts on “Garrett GT37R Turbo Rebuild Upgrade

  1. Jason

    Hello I have a On3 61mm Gt35r with a damaged wheel and 1.08 A/R housing Can you make this into a GT37R Im looking for something a little bigger than the 35r currently on 25psi around 550 whp on a n54

    1. Austin Post author

      I’m not familiar with that turbo. The last on performance turbo I worked on had an odd rebuild kit so I couldn’t fix it.


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