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GTP38 Powerstroke Turbo Upgrade 7.3 66mm x 88mm

Powerstroke turbo Upgrade 7.3We Have GTP38 Powerstroke Turbo Upgrades 7.3 Available. Our Powerstroke Billet Compressor Wheel Details:

  • 66mm x 88mm x 92mm
  • Balanced and Ready To Install
  • 6 + 6 Blade
  • Extended Tips
  • Narrow Hub
  • Threaded
  • Thin Blades
  • Light Weight


Machining is Required for This Compressor Wheel To Install. We Offer The Full Rebuild and Machining Service for $450 Including the Billet Compressor Wheel, GTP38 Rebuild Kit, and Machining. This is Currently The Largest Billet Wheel Available, The Factory Compressor Wheel is 60mm x 80mm, The Billet Upgrade is 66mm x 88mm x 92mm

For Do It Yourselfers, We Offer Machining for $100 for the Compressor Housing and $10 for the Compressor Plate, You can Buy The Wheel From Us Below: 

7.3 turbo upgrade

Most of the 7.3 Powerstroke Turbos Have a 67mm Turbine Shaft. There is a 70mm Turbine Shaft Upgrade Available that Isn’t Required, But It is an Option. We Offer the Turbine Shaft Upgrade for $250 Which Includes the Shaft and Machining.