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Garrett Ball Bearing Oil Restrictor

If You Have a Garrett GT25r, GT28r, GT30r, GT35r series Turbocharger, then You Need a Garrett Ball Bearing Oil Restrictor. This Oil Restrictor Fits Directly into the Ball Bearing Cartridge, and Seals on the Ball Bearing Cage Dowel Pin.  This Fitting Has a -4 an Connection fitting to Adapt Directly To a -4 an Oil Feed line.

Here You Can Buy Garrett Ball Bearing Oil Restrictor.


Take Note:  This Fitting is for Garrett Ball Bearing Turbochargers Only. Restrictors Should not be used with any Single Ball Bearing Turbochargers Such As Turbonetics Single Ball Bearing Turbochargers, or any Journal Bearing Turbochargers. This Restrictor Does Work with Precision Ball Bearing Turbos That used GT30r to GT35r Garrett Center Cartridges (Doesnt fit 6262, 6266, ball bearing etc).

What Size External Wastegate Size To Use

Learn What Size External Wastegate Size To Use

The Size of the External Wastegate That you Should Use Depends on 2 Major Factor Which are:

  • What Size Engine Do you Have (2.0 liter 4 cylinder, 2.5 liter 6 cylinder, v8 4.4liter etc)
  • What Size Turbo You are Using

Here is How You Use This Information to Determine Which Wastegate You Need to Run:

In Most Cases the 38mm Wastegate Is Sufficient to Control Boost for 4 cylinder  and 6 cylinder engines, if you are running a 60mm turbo or smaller such as GT35r. Sometimes You May See 4 cylinder engines using a very Large turbo and 2 external Wastegates. The Reason Why is Because Your Engine Needs 2 Wastegate or 1 Larger Wastegate is Because When You Run a  Turbo that is 67mm or Larger You Need a Wastegate(s) that can Properly Control Boost Levels at Higher RPM Because of the Increased Amount of Air Flow.

What Size External Wastegate to use

Another Great Example Is If you have a V8 Engine, You need to Run a Large Turbo Even if You are Look for a Small Horsepower Gain, Because You Need to Have a Turbo that will Outflow the Engine at Higher RPM, so the Turbo Doesnt Become a Restriction to the Engine. With a V8 Engine You should be using 1 50mm External Wastegate or (2) 38mm Wastegates. Often the Reason Why People Use (2) External Wastegates is Because They are Using a Twin Scroll Manifold.

Keep in Mind that it isn’t Necessary to Run 2 External Wastegates with a Twinscroll Manifold. You Could use 1 External Wastegate on one side of the Divider, The Wastegate is on the Holsest are only Removing Air Pressure from 1 Scroll of the Turbine Housing From Factory

With all the Said, the Main Reason Why You Would Need a Larger Wastegate or 2 Wastegates is If you Have the Issue Where You Cannot Properly Control Boost. This issue is when Your reach full boost, and Your Wastegate is Wide Open, But Even with the Wastegate Wide Open the Boost Increases Past Your Boost Setting, Meaning that it Cannot Be Controlled Properly. This is Not a Spring issue Because the Wastegate Spring Selection is Based off You The Amount of Boost You Plan to Run. You can Read about Wastegate Spring Selection Here.

Common Wastegate Selections for Applications are:

2.0L or 2.3 liter 4 cylinder GT35r or 6262 or smaller : 38mm External Wastegate

2.0L or 2.3 4 cylinder T67, GT40r, GT42r or similar 44mm External Wastegate

2.5L 6 cylinder GT35R :38mm External Wastegate

v8 with T67 67mm Turbo: (2) 38mm External Wastegate or (1) 44mm or 50mm External Wastegate

Here are some Great Examples of External Wastegate Options that Are Available:

1991 Dodge Stealth RT Twin Turbo 20T Billet Wheel Upgrade

1991 Dodge Stealth RT Twin Turbo 20T Billet Wheel Upgrade

Parts Used In this Turbo Build:

Machine Work Done:

  • Machine Compressor Housing x2 (x3 (requires 3 different machining Operations)
  • Machining Turbine Housing x2
  • Machining Bearing Housing x2

3000GT 20T 6 Blade Billet Wheel Upgrade: 

MHI 20g Compressor Housing and Compressor Wheel

20g Compressor housing and wheel 2We Offer New MHI 20g Compressor Housing and 20g Compressor Wheel

  • 52.6mm x 68mm Compressor Wheel
  • Balanced and Ready to Install
  • Fit TDO5, TDO6 Turbos
  • Upgrade for 14b, 12a, s16g, b16g, Hahn Racecraft turbos, Fp Turbos, 68hta, Evo X,
  • 3″ Inlet Compressor Housing 2.25″ Outlet

MHI 20g Compressor Housing

TDO5 14b 16g to 20g Conversion Hybrid Turbo Upgrade

14b 16g to 20g Conversion Hybrid Turbo Upgrade:

  • 52.6mm x 68mm x 71mm (20g billet or Cast wheel)
  • 47.5 lb per min with TDO5H turbine (49mm x 56mm 12 Blade)(415hp)(e85 and 28 psi)
  • 51 lb per min with TDO6SL2 Turbine Upgrade (54mm x 61mm 11 Blade (449HP)(pump gas, 28psi, and Meth)
  • 3″ Inlet Compressor Housing + Wheel Option(<You can Purchase Here if you want)

Turbine Wheel Options:

Compressor Wheel Options

  • 48.3mm x 68mm x 71mm (Evo 3 16g Billet Compressor Wheel)
  • 52.6mm x 68mm x 71mm Billet 20g Compressor Wheel 6 Blade, 7 Blade, and 11 Blade
  • 53.11 x 71 x 74mm 3071R 6 Blade Billet Wheel
  • 55 x 75mm 7 Blade Billet Wheel
  • 56 x 76 6 Blade Billet Wheel
  • 58mm x 76mm GTX3076R Billet Compressor Wheel (500+HP)
  • 60.5 x 78mm x 82mm 25g Billet Compressor Wheel 5 Blade, 6 Blade, 11 Blade
  • 60.27 x 82 x 84mm Billet 7 Blade (Close to 35r Size)


MHI TDO6H Turbine Wheel – 9 Blade vs 11 Blade

TDO6H Turbine Wheel 11 Bladetdo6h turbine wheel 9 blade

We Offer 11 Blade and 9 Blade MHI TDO6H Turbine Wheels.


  • 58.8mm x 67.2mm
  • Options: 9 Blade, 11 Blade, 12 Blade
  • 713 Inconel
  • Replacement for DSM Evo X FP Red, FP Black Turbine, MAP EF4 Evo X
  • Balanced and Ready to Install
  • 9 Blade is Light Weight and Flows More
  • 11 Blade is Heavier But More Commonly Used
TDO6H turbine wheel

Buy TDO6H 11 Blade

TDO6H 9 Blade  turbine wheel

Buy TDO6H 9 Blade



Holset HX40 For Sale

Holset HX40 Turbo Upgrade

Holset HX40 T67 67mm x 84mm x 90mm Billet Compressor Wheel Upgrade

We Offer Completely Custom Holset HX40 Turbos For Sale. 

On The Left is an HX40 with a T67 Compressor Wheel, H1E 67 x 76mm Turbine Shaft in a T4 .81 Turbonetics Turbine Housing.

Holset HX35 Turbo Upgrade








Holset Cummins H1E H1C HY35 HX35 HX40 HE341 HE351 Turbo Upgrade Options:

Compressor Wheels:

HX40 60 x 86 x 90 7 Blade (Direct Fit For HE351 & HX40 7 Blade) (78lb/min)

HX40 60 x 86 x 90 7 Blade 6mm Tip Height

HX40 63 x 99 x 103 6 Blade

HX40 67 x 84 x 89 7 Blade

HX40 T67 67 x 84 x 89 11 Blade (Shown Above)

HX40 67 x 89 x 95 7 Blade (Most Popular)


Turbine Shaft Options:

60mm x 70mm HX35 H1C Turbine

64mm x 76mm HX40 12 Blade Turbine

64mm x 76mm HX40 Super 10 Blade Turbine

67mm x 76mm HX40 12 Blade Turbine

67mm x 76mm HX40 10 Blade Turbine

 Turbine Housing Options:

HY35 HE351 HE341 9cm (Machinable to Variable Turbine Shafts)

HX35 12cm (Machinable to Variable Turbine Shafts)

HX35 14cm (Machinable to Variable Turbine Shafts)

H1C 16cm (Machinable to Variable Turbine Shafts)

H1C 18cm (Machinable to Variable Turbine Shafts)

HX40 19cm T4 Twin Scroll (Machinable to Variable Turbine Shafts)

H1E 22cm T4 Twin Scroll (Machinable to Variable Turbine Shafts)

Garrett, Precision, Turbonetics Turbine Housings (Machining Required):

T3 .63 Vband, 4 Bolt, or 5 Bolt

T3 .82 Vband or 4 Bolt

T4 .81 Open  Vband

T4 .96 Open Vband

T4 Divided .84

T4 Divided 1.15

Please Contact Us To Place an Order For Your Custom Turbo Build


Holset HX40 Turbo Upgrade 2

Holset HX40 67 x 89 x 95 7 blade Billet Compressor Wheel Upgrade

HE351 10 Blade 67mm 2

HE351 9cm with 67mm x 76mm 10 Blade Turbine Shaft Upgrade


HX40 6 Blade Compressor Wheel

hx40 6 blade compressor wheelP/N 3599550 HX40 6 Blade Compressor Wheel 

This Compressor Wheel you can Buy Below for $40.

There is a 60 x 86 and 56 x 83 HX40 Compressor Wheel. Be Sure to Identify Which one you need Before You Buy.

Here are the Details of the 60 x 86:

  • 60mm x 86mm
  • 6mm Tip Height (Taller than the 7 blade 60 x 86) (7blade Housing requires machining for the 6 blade to install)
  • 7mm Shaft Bore
  • Light Weight Thin Blades

You Can Purchase This Wheel Here:


hx40 6 blade compressor wheel


The 6 Blade 60 x 86 Compressor Wheel is an Excellent Upgrade Because of its 6mm Tip Height It Performs so Well. We Also Offer a Billet Compressor Wheel, that is a Direct Replacement for the 60 x 86 6 Blade Here

Garrett GT3076R Turbine Housing .63 vs .82 vs 1.06 A/R

Garrett GT3076R .82 Turbine Housing Compare .63 vs .82 vs 1.06 and Buy Garrett GT3076R Turbine Housing. Choose the Correct Turbine Housing for Your GT3071R and GT3076R Here!




The GT3071R Turbine Housing Options Are Available in:

  • .63 a/r
  • .82 a/r
  • 1.06 a/r

I Highly Recommend the 1.06 a/r Turbine Housing for the GT3076R Turbo If you Have an Engine Larger than 2.0 liter 4 Cylinder Then Consider the 1.06 a/r. If you are Looking for Faster Spool Time or if You are Installing This Turbo On a Smaller engine than 2.0 Liter, Consider a .82  or .63 Turbine Housing 

The GT3076R Turbine Housing Options Are Available in:

  • .63 a/r
  • .82 a/r
  • 1.06 a/r

Choose Your Turbine Housing Based on Your Engine Size, Turbo Size, and Amount of Power You are Trying to Achieve.  

  • Smaller Turbine Housing = Faster Spool = Limited Peak Higher RPM HP
  • Larger Turbine Housing = Little Laggier depending on the Engine Size = Increase Peak Power at Higher RPM
  • NOTE: If you Chose a Turbine Housing Too Small for an Engine, Then the Engine Can Start to Outflow What the Turbo can Flow with the Size Turbine Housing You are Using At Higher RPM. This Causes the Power Level of the Engine to Feel Like It Cannot Pull Harder at Higher RPM (6500 RPM) and it Becomes Harder for the Turbo To Hold Higher Boost Levels at Higher RPM, Because The Amount of Air Cannot Disposed of Passed the Turbine in a Specific Time Frame (lb/min).


Here are my Recommendations:

  • 4 Cyl 1.6 liter > fast spool >Engine Rev Limit approx 7500 rpm>.63 a/r> 425 HP limit
  • 4 Cyl 1.6 liter > Little Laggier >High RPM >.82 a/r >500 HP limit (Highly Recommended)
  • 4 Cyl 2.0 liter > fast spool >High RPM >.82 a/r >500 HP limit (Highly Recommended)
  • 4 Cyl 2.0 liter > Little Laggier >High RPM >Run GT3076R>1.06 a/r >550 HP limit (Highly Recommended)
  • Larger that 4 cylinder 2.0> Go with 1.06 a/r > Consider going with a GT35R if you going for 600 HP

You can Purchase The GT3076R .63 Turbine Housing Here:

You can Purchase The GT3076R .82 Turbine Housing Here:


You can Purchase The GT3076R 1.06 a/r Turbine Housing Here: