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Garrett GTX3582R Compressor Housing + Wheel

GTX3582R Compressor Housing + WheelWe Now Offer Turbo Lab Garrett GTX3582R Compressor Housing + Wheel!

These Compressor Housings and Wheels are able to Be Used on Ball Bearing and Journal Bearing Turbo Chargers!

This Compressor Wheel + Housing Combination is Capable of 750 + HP with the Proper size Turbine Housing. (T3 1.06) (T4 1.15)



GTX3582R Compressor Housing + Billet Wheel :

  • Ball Bearing or Journal Bearing Upgrade (if you have a To4S 2mm Compressor Plate for journal bearing)
  • Brand New Turbo Lab TO4S Compressor Housing
  • 4″ Inlet Anti-surge
GTX3582R Billet Compressor Wheel Details :
  • Brand New GTX3582R Billet Wheel
  • Compressor Wheel is Balanced and Ready to Install (for journal Bearing) Cartridge Balancing Required for Ball Bearing Install
  • Compressor wheel dimensions 62.55mm x 82.36mm x 88.26mm
  • 6.65 mm Tip Height 11 Blade
  • 6.35mm Shaft Bore
  • 60 degree trailing Angle
  • 2.35mm Superback

Note: We Can Build You a Complete Ball Bearing Turbo If You Want. If You Want Us to Build You a Complete Turbo, Contact Us. We Sell the Compressor Housing and Wheel Package Below.

GTX3582R Compressor Housing and Wheel