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7 Blade TD05 20g Billet Compressor Wheel

6,7, and 11 blade billet 20g compressor wheels

Here is Our TD05 TD06 20g Billet Compressor Wheel. This wheel is available in 6,7, and 11 Blade. The 7 Blade is Most Popular, the 11 Blade is The Fastest Spooling but the Lesser Blades are Capable of More Hp but is Most Efficent at Higher Boost Levels.

  • In Some Cases Machining your Compressor Housing or Bearing Housing is Required Which is a Service That We offer also
  • Direct Fit for 20g Compressor Housing 
  • 52.6 x 68 x 71 (extended tip)
  • Horsepower Rating: 415 – 450 Hp (To Reach 450 HP you need a Turbine Upgrade Tdo6sl2 or bigger)
  • 14b, S16g Require Machining Bearing Housing and Compressor Housing
  • B16g, Evo3 16g, Evo X 152G6-12TRequire Compressor Housing Machining Only 
  • Direct Fit For Hahn Racecraft, Tomioka Racing, Blouch 20G
  • Upgrade For Evo1-3 EVO X, Conquest TSI, Starion, DSM 89-94 and More 
  • Balanced and Ready To Install 
  • We Can Balance your Assembly for $40, We need Your Thrust Collar, Thrust Spacer and Compressor Nut To Balance Your Assembly Or You can Buy Our Rebuild Kit 
  • Our Upgraded 16g Rebuild Kit is Required For Durability if you plan to Boost over 20 PSI (Upgraded Thrust Bearing Thrust Collar and Thrust Spacer
  • Does Not Fit Evo 4-9 or SRT4 (Reverse Rotation) (See Other Listing For Reverse Billet Compressor Wheel)

MHI 20g Compressor Housing

MHI 20g Compressor Housing and Compressor Wheel

20g Compressor housing and wheel 2We Offer New MHI 20g Compressor Housing and 20g Compressor Wheel

  • 52.6mm x 68mm Compressor Wheel
  • Balanced and Ready to Install
  • Fit TDO5, TDO6 Turbos
  • Upgrade for 14b, 12a, s16g, b16g, Hahn Racecraft turbos, Fp Turbos, 68hta, Evo X,
  • 3″ Inlet Compressor Housing 2.25″ Outlet

MHI 20g Compressor Housing

TDO5 TDO6 MHI 20g Compressor Housing + Wheel

tdo6 20g compressor housing and wheelHere is an Excellent “Do It Yourself” Upgrade Which well sell Separate and as a Package.

  • MHI 20g Compressor Housing + Compressor Wheel
  • Upgrade from 14b, 16g, 12a, Hahn racecraft, FP turbo (Anything MHI TDO5 TDO6)
  • 52.6mm x 68mm
  • Balanced and Ready To Install
  • 3″ Inlet TDO6 Compressor Housing
  • 2.25″ Outlet
  • 47.5 lb per min with TDO5H 12 Blade Turbine (49mm x 56mm) (400 hp Capable)
  • 51 lb per min with TDO6 12 Blade Turbine (55mm x 65mm (450 hp Capable)
20g Compressor Housing

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Note: If Upgrading a 14b, 12a, s16g, then Machining the Bearing Housing to 69mm is Required for the Compressor Wheel to Fit. (approx 20$ service at local machined shop)