How Much Oil Pressure To Run to Your Turbo

How Much Oil Pressure To Run to Your Turbo

Learn How Much OIl Pressure Your Turbo Should See. The Most Common Problem with Turbochargers Blowing oil is the Oil Drain Being Too Small. The Normal Factory Size OIl Drain is 14mm – 20mm. When Making an Oil Drain for a Turbocharger, it is Important to have as Large of and Oil Drain Possible and never use a Restrictor in a Journal Bearing Turbocharger.

It is very Common for a Turbo to Leak oil out the Seals if the oil Drain is 12mm or Smaller. Try and Use a 16mm Inside Diameter OIl Drain Fitting and a 5/8″ Hose.

Often a Turbo can Leak oil if the OIl drain has the Following Problems:

  • Oil Drain Diameter Too Small
  • Oil Drain Angle too Sharp Making it Difficult for the OIl to Drain Properly
  • Oil Drain Clogged
  • Turbo Center Cartridge Angle too Steep. (Do Not Angle More than 15 Degrees in Either Direction)
  • Oil Level Too High Inside of the Turbo (If the OIl level is too High Inside the Turbo, the Oil can Leak out if the Oil Level is Simply Sitting too High in the Cartridge
  • If Oil Weight is Thinner than 10w 30, the Oil can Leak Out of the Turbo Seals Even When The Seals are Still Good. ¬†Too Thin of Oil Weight Will Cause the Turbo to Wear Out Much Sooner, Use 10w 30 or Heavier Weight.



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