EVO 9 TDO6HR GTX3076R Turbo Upgrade

EVO 9 TDO6HR GTX3076R Turbo UpgradeĀ 

  • GTX3076R Billet Compressor Wheel (reverse) 58mm x 76mm
  • TDO6HR 9 or 11 Blade 58.8 x 67.2mm
  • Upgraded Rebuild Kit
  • Rebalanced
  • Stock Spec is 48.3mm x 68mm Compressor and 49 x 56mm TDO5HR Turbine



6 thoughts on “EVO 9 TDO6HR GTX3076R Turbo Upgrade

  1. Merle

    Currently have a BBK Full on my EVO 8, what would it cost to upgrade it to the GTx3076r? Also what is the average turnaround?

    1. Austin Post author

      You are better off with doing this upgrade to the evo9 because sometimes the evo8 turbo will have problems after putting larger wheels in them around 60mm. we do the upgrade to the evo9 for 650$. Also the evo8 turbine housing cant be upgraded to the tdo6h, its too thin and machining will cut through the housing.


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