BMW 135i 335i 535i N54 Wastegate Rattle Fix

BMW 135i 335i 535i N54 Wastegate Rattle Fix DIY 

Here is a Collection of Videos that I Made to Teach You How to Repair Your BMW N54 TDO3L Turbochargers.

Here is the BMW N54 Wastegate Rattle Problem:

BMW 335i 535i 135i X6 N54 Wastegate Repair: Bushing Removal Using Slide Hammer

The JB4 Tune Will Never Fix the Pivot Problem Caused By The Wear in the Bushing Arm. This Problem Can Be Fix. Some Say that it Can Be Fixed Permanently, But Im not so sure. We Do Sell a Rebuild Kit for this Problem. The Rebuild kit is Made of 304 Stainless Steel Just like the Original Material. Keep in Mind this was never a materials Problem, it is a design Problem with the long Travel Distance. BMW Does have a Updated Tune to Help Prevent this Problem, but Im not sure if it Permanently Fixes the Issue. I am Just Happy to be able to save people Money from Having to buy New turbos for about 1600$. We have saved Our customers over $500,000, Instead of Having to Replace the Turbos from the Dealership.

First Check to see if Your Car is Under Warranty with BMW 82,000 Miles and 8 Years. If Your Car is Not under Warranty, you have the Options of Buying New Turbos, Rebuilding them, or Having us Rebuild them for You. Here is Our Wastegate Flapper Repair Kit that You can Buy. Here is Our TDO3L Turbo Rebuild kits for the BMW N54.



6 thoughts on “BMW 135i 335i 535i N54 Wastegate Rattle Fix

  1. Ting

    Dear Turbo lab of America,

    I’m got the wasteage rattle issue on my 2007 E92 335i. After a ton of research in YouTube and website I got you! I’m a passionate with my car and please advise me as below questions:

    I’m live in Hong Kong do you support shipping service?

    After receive my turbo how long time to complete the upgrade and ship back?

    How much for upgrade? And I saw the YouTube by Mods and Beyond said some already.

    Form Hong Kong

    1. Austin Post author

      We changed the upgrade a little bit, we added 9 blade drop in turbines instead of clipping the factory turbines, we still use the same compressor wheels 39.6 X 56. We do the stock rebuild for 650, including the Wastegate repair, we do the upgrade and Wastegate repair for 1050 now, 300 of which is for the flapper repair kit and labor for blasting, cleaning and installation. Here is the final product after the work is complete:

  2. Adrian baxter

    I’m interested in turbo rebuild and upgrade. What I wasn’t sure about is if the $1050 price is for one or both turbos.

    I have a 2009 BMW 335i
    Shoot me an email

    1. Austin Post author

      Replacing the physical parts and uploading a new tune prevents the problem from happening again based on taking to a lot of different people the tune is the cause of the parts wearing out. For a daily driver the wastegates only open at full boost so if you upload the wedge stage tune it will run higher boost so the wastegate won’t open during normal driving.


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