TDO4 Turbine Upgrade – TDO4HL 9 Blade

TDO4 Turbine Upgrade

TDO4HL 9 Blade VS 12 Blade

The MHI TDO4 Turbos Are One of the Smallest Turbos to Upgrade. Luckily, there is an TDO4 Turbine Upgrade!




Here are the specs of the TDO4 Series Turbos:
TD04 = 40.0mm exducer, 47.0mm inducer
TD04L = 41.3mm exducer, 47.0mm inducer
TD04H = 44.2mm exducer, 52.0mm inducer
TD04HL = 45.6mm exducer, 52.0mm inducer

Normally all the MHI Shafts are 12 Blade, But We were Fortunate Enough To Get Our Hands on TDO4HL 9 Blade Turbine Shafts! We use these for Service and also Sell them!

The TDO4HL 19T Turbos are capable of 325hp and 400+ FT/LB torque with the Factory TDO4HL Turbine. Now You Have the Ability to Get Back More Horsepower at Higher RPM Which is When the Engine Starts to Outflow What the Turbo is Capable of with the 12 Blade Turbine.

This is an Excellent Upgrade for:

  • Volvo TDO4HL Turbo Upgrade (Direct Fit)
  • Subaru 13T TDO4L Turbo Upgrade (Machining Required)
  • Hyundai Genesis TDO4L 13T Turbo Upgrade (Machining Required)
  • Hyundai Genesis TDO4HL 19T Turbo Upgrade (Direct Fit)
  • 3000GT TDO4 Turbo Upgrade (Machining Required)
  • Dodge Stealth TDO4 Turbo Upgrade (Machining Required)
  • Saab TDO4 Turbo Upgrade (Machining Required)
  • Acura RDX (May Require Machining)

Details About 9 Blade TDO4HL Turbine:

  • 45mm x 52mm
  • 9 Blade Outflows and Outspools 12 Blade
  • Lighter Weight as Show Below Comparing 9 Blade and 11 Blade
  • Balanced and Ready To Install
  • Excellent Upgrade for 19T (46.7mm), 20T (47mm), or 50 x 62 x 65mm Billet Wheel
  • We also sell TDO4 Upgraded Rebuild Kit Here

tdo4HL 9 blade Tdo4hl 11 bl weight








 Visit Link Below To Purchase:


TDO4 Turbine Upgrade



13 thoughts on “TDO4 Turbine Upgrade – TDO4HL 9 Blade

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  2. David Hagy

    Can this 9 blade be ordered to simply swap into a Sonata 2.0T that is equipped with the TDO4HL4S19T ? Will it balance with the existing stock compressor. If so what is the cost….

    Dave 443-800-5676

    1. Austin Post author

      Yes it is a direct fit, It can be balanced with the compressor wheel. We do have a balancer also, if you need that service.

    1. Austin Post author

      The Subaru 13t came as a tdo4L 41mm, the tdo4HL will fit with machining the turbine housing which we do. The 9 blade tdo4HL is a direct swap for the tdo4HL Turbine.

  3. Kris Dunn

    I have a 1993 3000GT vr4 and Iam thinking about upgrading the Twin Turbos. Do you have and sell larger, upgraded Turbos for, my 3000GTvr4? If so, can I get Pricing?

  4. Sven Rhode

    Hallo i’m from Germany and i drive a Renault Megane 3 RS ist an td04 6L 15t Turbo. Do you have an Turbine Upgrade for this Turbo? I only need the exhaust Part. Please leg me know price inkl. Shipping. Kind regards Sven Rhode

    1. Austin Post author

      We don’t have Renaults in our country so finding that turbine housing in my country would be a challenge. I can machine your turbine housing though.

  5. Michael

    How does the mass of the 9 blade TD04HL compare against the standard TD04L wheel found in WRX applications? Better yet, what is the mass of the latter?

    Can you comment on the boost threshold and response between the two wheels?

    Also interested in mass differences between a standard 13T compressor and a billet 15T or 19T wheel. Can’t seem to find how much a 13T wheel weighs. I acknowledge that the bigger wheels should keep the turbos running at higher RPM but would like to know if these specific aftermarket wheels (eg. TD04HL-19T) are lighter than the standard TD04L-13T wheels to aid in spool up and transient response.

    1. Austin Post author

      TD04 = ex 40.0mm, in 47.0mm
      TD04L = ex 41.3mm, in 47.0mm
      TD04H = ex 44.2mm, in 52.0mm
      TD04HL = ex 45.6mm, in 52.0mm

      For a 2.0 application, we build them with the 50mm x 61 x 62 billet wheel and tdo4HL at minimum. there is also a 52.6 x 68 billet wheel for this application. You dont have to worry about spool up on that small of a turbo, if you did a tune upgrade it will help a lot with spool up too, sometimes the subarus had an up pipe leaking problem that would affect spool too.

      If you wanted a step up, we could build you a 16g (48.3mm x 68mm compressor and 49 x 56mm turbine (9 or 12 blade)

  6. Derrick Flores

    What size of turbine housing can I put on the TDO4HL 45.6 mm 52mm with 50mm 42mm billet compressor 6+6

  7. Derrick Flores

    What size of turbine housing can I put on the TDO4HL 45.6 mm 52mm with 50mm 62mm billet compressor 6+6


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