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HX40 10 Blade Turbine Wheel

HX40 10 blade turbine WheelThe Holset HX40 10 Blade Turbine Wheel is From the HX40 Super Turbo. The HX40 Super Turbo is a Very Popular Turbo Because it is More Powerful than the Regular HX40, Despite the Only Difference, is the Turbine Shaft Having 2 less Blades and Less Weight!




This is One of the Turbines that I just Had to Get My Hands on For Upgrades! However this Isn’t the Largest Turbine Upgrade for the HX40 (We offer 67 x 76mm 10 and 12 blades Turbine), This is a Perfect “Direct Drop in” for the HX40 turbos!

This Turbine is 64mm x 76mm and Has 2 Less Blades so It helps with Spool Up and Peak Power!

We Offer the Sell This Shaft, as well as providing it with a Service. If You are interested in Buying This Shaft You can Buy it Here:

HX40 10 blade Turbine



HX40 10 Blade vs 12 Blade Turbine Wheel

Generally when a Turbine Shaft Has Less Blades, it relieves more Back Pressure from the Turbine Housing Which will Keep Your EGT Temperatures Lower.  Having Less Blades Can Cause Later Spool Up Because It Requires Higher Pressure to turn the Shaft since More Back Pressure is being Released.

However, With the Turbine Having Less Blades it Weighs Significantly Less than the 12 Blade Turbine, Which Helps Reduce Turbo Lag. Having Less Blades Also Helps increase Top End Power and Prevent the Engine From Outflowing the Turbocharger at High RPM, Which Causes High EGTs!