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HX40 Compressor Wheel And Housing

HX40 Compressor Wheel and HousingWe are Proud to Provide New HX40 Compressor Wheel And Housings for Easy HX35/HX40 Hybrid Upgrades!

Here are the Details:

  • Brand new 60mm x 86mm Compressor Housing for 7 Blade HX40
  • Brand New 60mm x 86mm x 89.5mm Extended Tip billet Compressor Wheel



Compressor Wheel Details:

  • Slimnose Hub
  • Light Weight (20 grams lighter than Stock)
  • Thin Blades
  • Machined From Solid Aluminum
  • Extended Blades
  • 60 x 86 x 89.5mm
  • Balanced and Ready to Install

What Else Do You Need To Know to Install this on your HX35 or HX40:

  • Your Bearing Housing Must be Machined to 87.5mm to Accept the HX40 Compressor Wheel
  • Take Note that the HX40 8 blade is 57mm x 82mm, so The Bearing Housing for that Will Have to Be Machined Also
  • We Do Machine Bearing Housings for $20, but Most People Take Their Bearing Housing To a Local Machine Shop, so they Don’t Have to Wait on Shipping Down Time

Take a Look At the Weight Comparison Picture Between the Two Compressor Wheels:

Holset HX40 Billet Wheel

HX40 Billet Wheel vis Cast Wheel








If You Like What we have to Offer, You can Purchase Our Compressor Housing and Billet Wheel Here:

HX40 Compressor Wheel and Housing