JB4 N55 For Sale

JB4 N55 For Sale from Burger Tuning.

Jb4 n55 for sale

Buy jb4 for n55 2011 – 2013 E series (Harness A)

Jb4 n55 for sale e series


Buy JB4 for n55 2011 – 2013 E Series (Harness B)

Jb4 n55 for sale e series harness b

Buy jb4 for n55 2014 F Series (electronic actuator) 135i 335i 435i 535i, 635i

Jb4 n55 for sale


  • Add up to 60hp to the wheels (80hp crank) on a completely stock car
  • Add up to 100hp to the wheels (120hp crank) on a fully modified car
  • The JB4 features a simple plug and play installation harness for easy installation and includes many features not found on any other tune. Including the ability to enable/disable the tuning from the drivers seat, gear dependent boost control to help with traction, ethanol and racing fuel support, built in diagnostic code reading/deleting, free firmware updates, and much more.
  • JB4 does not require any additional modifications or previous stages.
  • Simply install the JB4 as your first and only modification and enjoy an entirely new fast and smooth racing experience.
  • The JB4 also does not require any user setup or customization but for more advanced enthusiasts the BMS DATA cable allows you to connect via a laptop for data logging and free software updates.
  • Note JB4_F30 shipments as of 11/15/2014 include the FlexFuel add on connector. This no longer needs to be purchased separately for these models. Also note the EWG add on connector remains optional and can be purchased separately for higher HP applications where direct EWG control is required. F Series N55 JB4 Applications: BMW 1 Series • 2013+ N55 BMW F20 1M LHD BMW 2 Series • 2014+ N55 BMW F22/F23 M235i BMW 3 Series • 2012+ N55 BMW F30 F31 335i/ix BMW 4 Series • 2014+ F32 F33 F36 435i / 435ix BMW 5 Series • 2011+ N55 BMW F10 F11 535i/ix • 2010+ N55 BMW F07 535i/ix GT BMW 6 Series • 2011+ N55 BMW F12 F13 640i/ix • 2011+ N55 BMW F06 640i/ix Gran Coupe



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