BMW 335i Turbo Upgrade Options

335i twin turbo Upgrade N54 2At Turbo Lab We offer a 335I Turbo Upgrade, that includes a simple 39.6 x 56mm billet wheel and 9 Blade Turbine Wheels. 


Here Are Some of the Popular BMW 135i 335i Turbo Upgrade Options:

Turbo Lab:  39.6mm x 56mm CW + 9 blade Drop in Turbine 35mm x 40 TW $1050 (tdo3) (includes turbo rebuild, repair of wastegates, larger compressor wheels, and balancing)

If you Just want the rebuild service, or wastegate repair service without the upgrade. We do offer the individual services below:

Wastegate flapper repair including parts: $300 (Both Turbine Housings). Turbo Rebuild $350 (Both Turbos).  (Basically if you just want the rebuild without the upgrade,  the cost of the repair is 650$.)

Our Upgrade Adds 47 Horsepower over Stock With Other Modifications The Upgrade is Good for Up to 550HP!

RB Turbos : 41 x 56 Comp Wheel  41 x 45mm Turbine Wheel (tdo4) $2999

Vargas Turbos 47mm x 58mm Comp Wheel 45 x 50mm Turbine Wheel (tdo4)(20t) $3799

Dinan Turbo Upgrade  (Similar as Turbo Lab) $1599

Details On The HEXON Turbo Upgrades: (Discontinued)

Compressor Wheel:

42.9mm x 56mm Billet Compressor Wheel

Turbine Wheel (Exhuast Side)

41mm x 44mm 9 Blade

TDO3 N54 twin turbo Upgrade


Here is the Process of the Turbo Lab Upgrade that we do for $1050. This includes machining the compressor housings, bearing housings, the billet wheels, clipping and rebalancing for both turbochargers.



9 thoughts on “BMW 335i Turbo Upgrade Options

  1. Eddie Ramirez

    Good Afternoon TLA,

    I was wondering what is the turn around time once you receive the cores and do you rebuild them as well. As in new internal hardware, bearings and o-rings things of that nature or is that extra cost?

    Thanks for your time,
    Eddie Ramirez

    1. Austin Post author

      Im still working on finding replacement parts for the internal WG hardware problems. The rebuild includes o-rings, bearings, seals are already included in the cost.

  2. Daniel

    Have you found a wastegate problem fix for the turbochargers? If so when will you be ready to include that in your turbo rebuilds? Id be interested in getting my turbos rebuilt by you if could include the wastegate fix for my 335i

    1. Austin Post author

      I currently dont have parts to fix this problem yet. i am trying to remove the bushing that holds the arm so can get measurements. I tried pounding and pressing it out. im thinking that the housing must be heated to press the bushing out, Because the Nickle housings swell and trap bolts in the MHI evo3, evo 8, evo 9 and evo 10 turbochargers.

  3. Robert korab

    I am Intersted in the upgrade. My turbos have 75k no oil leaks and according to 2 different dealers my westgates are fine (little noise) it’s 2008 updated design. What is the turnaround time for this job. And what kind of ho gains can be achieved with this update. With proper tuning of curse. Will the turbo be able to handle and provide more boost at oem shaft speed for example ???

    1. Austin Post author

      All wheel drive motorsports claims 400 hp, but i have heard of people making that out of the stock turbos. I didnt realize there was a updated Design. It seems like it is common for the Pull type wastegates to have more problems than the push type. We do the upgrade for 750$, which includes the billet upgrade that is 5mm larger than stock and the turbine wheels we have clipped, and we rebalance the assemblies. The Boost level is controlled by the Wastegate, which is often controlled by a boost controller, but im not sure how it works for the bmw n54 turbos because the wastegates opperate on vacuum rather than boost. it may work the same way with the boost controller.

  4. David Lazzara

    I have a 07 335i, my wastegates and my seals are bad how much would it be to upgrade it and work with my dinan software? And what it the turn around time?

  5. pc carter

    hey austin, pulling my 535xi wagon turbos right now, will send them two you monday, to rebuild and fix flapper (no upgrades, cant imagine it being any faster then it is now running poorly) question, online manuals etc, say to discard all of the torx and other fasteners required to pull the exhaust, lines, and all the other shit to get to the turbos.. who do you recomend for all of those,,, gaskets etc. i found this one but unsure if it has it all is there other stuff you recommend to replace while im under there…
    used pelican parts tech guide to get them out,, what a pain
    thanks pc


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