6.0 Powerstroke Powermax Billet Compressor Wheel

6.0 Powerstroke Billet Compressor Wheel We Sell 6.0 Powerstroke Powermax Billet Compressor Wheel. 

  • Fits 6.0 Powerstroke GT3782VAS (GT37VAS) (Machining is Required)
  • 63.5mm x 88mm x 94mm
  • We Offer the Best Price Online Gauranteed
  • Compressor Wheel is Balanced and Ready to Install
    • 63.5 x 88 x 94 Billet Extended Tip Compressor Wheel
    • Light Weight Billet Compressor Wheel
    • 10% Increase In Flow Over Stock
    • Balanced and Ready To Install
    • For 6.0 l Diesel Truck GT3782VA Upgrade
    • Machining Compressor Plate, Compressor Housing is Required (we offer this service for $120.


6.0 Powerstroke Powermax Billet Compressor Wheel



6 thoughts on “6.0 Powerstroke Powermax Billet Compressor Wheel

  1. Alexiitha

    hi tom i have miata 1992 and i custom made a turbo kit ..all ready iatlnlsed so i wanna do the 1.8 diff conversion so i wondering if you can tell me where i can get one of these complete rear end .and what is the price ..thanks and regards .

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  4. John

    This kit you have on youtube for 6.0 powerstroke and 6.6 duramax. I have a 2005 LLY Duramax. Will all the parts work on my year model?

    1. Austin Post author

      The Rebuild Kit is the Same if you have the 2005 LLY. Pre 2004.5 is when Chevy had and IHI Turbo. The 2004.5 -2006 has a GT3788VA which takes the same rebuild kit as the Powerstroke GT3782VAS Turbo.


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