2008 + Dodge Ram Cummins 6.7 VGT Turbo Upgrade

2008 Dodge Ram Cummins 6.7 VGT turbo upgrade HE351VE. 67mm Compressor Wheel and 67mm Turbine Wheel Upgrade, (Machining Required)

Buy HE351VE Turbo Rebuild Kit

Buy 67*89*95 Billet Wheel Used in Video (machining required)

Buy 67mm x 70mm He351VE Turbine Wheel Upgrade (machining required)

Billet Compressor Wheel Options:

HX40 4015c 60 x 86 x 90 Billet Compressor Wheel (Drop In wheel for HE351 HX40)

Machining Compressor Plate and Compressor Housing Required Below:

HX40 4016c 60 x 86 x 90 (6mm tip height) Billet Compressor Wheel (machining required)

HX40 62.35 x 86 x 90 Billet Compressor Wheel

HX40 64 x 90 x 94 Billet Compressor Wheel

HX40 67 x 89 x 95 Billet Compressor Wheel

HX40 63 x 99 x 103 Billet Compressor wheel (hx50 Compressor Wheel for HX40 turbo)



4 thoughts on “2008 + Dodge Ram Cummins 6.7 VGT Turbo Upgrade

  1. Mike harmon

    If I send you my factory turbo off of my 2010 Cummins, what’s the price for the upgrades and would I need to recalibrate the actuator?

    1. Austin Post author

      We do this upgrade and rebuild for $700. You don’t have to recalibrate the actuator you just have to put the arm facing the tailgate of the truck before installing the actuator.

  2. Justin McDaniel

    Can you rebuild my complete he351ve turbo off my 14 ram? I was pushing 75psi boost through it. Can you build it to handle that

  3. Robert Durham

    I have a 2014 ram 3500 I use to tow everyday, I can run 26psi before I start to run warm on my egt’s up grades normally I have to let out of the throttle to cool my egt’s thereflre looking my momentum and crawling the rest of the way up, I am normally pulling between 16-26k behind me on a daily basis. I have larger injectors and am wondering is this upgrade will allow me to run higher boost without running as warm. I was hoping to be able to run 32-36 psi. Without running hot. I take it you make the exhust side larger also to lower the drive pressure? Do I have to send in my turbo? Or is there a purchase/core charge for every day I am down cost me money.


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